Linn Basik LVX vs. Rega RB 303

Hi, Folks,
I have a very old Linn Basik LVX on my SOTA Sapphire. When I say "very old," I mean that I bought it used from the dealer back in 1986! :-)
I was having hum/buzz issues on my analogue side, and finally isolated it down to the turntable. It turned out to be a shorted tonearm ground wire along with some mechanical elements of the arm that needed tightening. All this was done by Mike at Austin Stereo, a great, local repair shop.
Now the hum is gone and the arm is sounding fine but the whole exercise has me wondering whether I might want to upgrade the old arm. My budget is modest so the Rega RB 303 at $600 sounds about right. By the way, my cart is an Ortofon 2M Blue.
Would this be a worthwhile (i.e., discernible) step up?
Thanks for your opinions!
I would say to upgrade the tonearm (the wiring, bushings and bearings are old) and the Rega RB 303 is a considerable upgrade. The Rega is a longer tonearm, also a higher mass, so you would need to consult with your dealer on whether or not your table needs to be modified; by that I mean some cutting might be needed to accommodate mounting the Rega.

I have a Linn from 1988 and looked at the Rega 303, but it would not be a simple installation on my TT.
Thanks for the feedback. The SOTA folks make mounting arm boards precut for a variety of brands. I haven't yet checked but I have to believe that Rega is one of them.
I wouldn't do it. I don't care for the sound of Rega arms on the Linn tables, though others swear by them, and the blue is designed with the Rega arms as the design center. The Rega arm will certainly sound different, but better...that's another story.

For about the same money, with a little bit of shopping, you could get an Ittok which would be a noticible step up.
If the arm is fixed and you like it why bother?
I've thought of keeping my eyes open for a used Ittok. The advantage would be that I already have a Linn arm board on the SOTA Sapphire so I save the cost of a new arm board from SOTA if I stick with a Linn arm.

Just curiosity. I've heard that the Basik LVX is a pretty crappy arm but it's all I've ever owned. Just wondering if the grass is greener on the Rega side.
You said you liked the LVX,that is why I said why bother.
If you want to get a Rega go ahead with it but make sure it is a good match with your cartridge otherwise it might not be worth your trouble .
The LVX is not a bad arm, but I'd save up for the Ittock LVII. I'm on my 3rd LP12 and shortly owned a Rega RP3 w/RB303.I'd never buy another one. It's ok for a second system but can't compare to the LP12. There will be more of a difference between the LVX and the Ittock than going from Ittock to Ekos.Best of luck.
You can still find a decent Akito out there. I love mine.
For the money, I'd look at a Jelco SA-750E. SA-750D if you don't have the room for the longer "E" version. It's a significant step up from either a RBwhatever of any of the Linn arms.
Ittok all the way.

I like the RB300, think the latest offerings from Rega are of lower quality
Second on the Jelco 750.
I recently replaced the AR/Jelco LVX arm on my AR ES-1 turntable with a stock
Rega RB300.
My AR arm is equipped with a Music Metre tonearm cable. The stock Rega arm does not have the soaring highs I got with the AR/Jelco LVX; but in every other area, there is an improvement-Blacker and quieter backgrounds. More substantial bass and dynamics-Plus, a FLUIDITY and BODY that hints of a more expensive arm.
The tonal balance of the SOTA is different from that
of the AR, so using a Rega might be too much of a good thing.
However if you rewire the Rega with a complimentary
wire that contrast with your SOTA you may have a winning combination.
You might also want to consider a modded Rega. I really liked the Audiomods arm that replaced my Rega 301. Extensively modified. You can get a modded arm, or a kit to mod it yourself. Or get the Rega now, then buy an upgrade kit or have it upgraded down the road as funds allow.

Don't know the Ittok, so can't comment on how the Audiomods would compare.
+1 for the JELCO, but since the question is Linn Basik LVX vs. Rega RB 303 I'd go for the Rega , especially if a more demanding cartridge might be used in the future.
I own a Linn Basik Plus on one of my turntables and I like it but it just can't reach the performance of RB301 that I also own (oR RB250/300).