Linn back in vinyl big time with the LP12 Majik

How does everyone feel about Linn being back into vinyl with the LP12 Majik. You get a brand new (cirkus'ed) table with a Linn Majik power supply and Project 9cc arm and Linn Adikt cartridge. All this for a little more than 3k! This is new for Linn in a long time they have not done an affordable LP12 package. This going to send used prices down but very interesting for someone who does not own a Cirkus'ed table
The LP12 might be the only thing they ever made that I think sounds good. They have made so much market filling mid-fi junk, but the LP12 is stellar (I have owned one for 10 years).
What would you call Linn's midfi junk? Just curious?
Sounds like Linn is trying to be more competitive, lots of tables in that range. Interesting as there are as many people who do not like Linn tables as who do. I wonder how many they will sell ?
Well for the ones of us who do like the LP12 this is huge. I sold mine to buy a VPI Scout because of the upgrade cost of the Cirkus. (which I did not have) I did not care for the VPI Scout so bought another LP12 but would have just bought new if this was available. I mean $1200 for a old Ittok valhalla LP12 old bearing or a little more than 3k for a new table likely better power supply and already cirkus'ed including the $500 cartridge. Almost the same cost so new would be much better in my mind. I think most would rather a new bearing than a 30 year old one! Now Linn is comparable in price to a Scout Master. Linn includes the cartridge $500 and interconnects. The Scout Master is $2500 plus cartridge and interconnects. Glad to see Linn back at the entry level high end. Linn will never get the crowd that is looking for a sexy turntable but I prefer the suspended liveliness and energy.