Linn Axis w/basic arm/Denon DL 160 should I bite?

Getting back into turntables after a 20 year break I,m going to take a listen to the Linn Axis this week and wondered for $795 (dealer)should i be looking elsewhere?

I listened to a new Music hall 5.1 with the magic on it and did not like the recessed sound at all,(brighter sound that I prefer could be fixed with a different cart said the dealer)

20 years ago I owned a built LP12/Lingo when I lived in the UK and loved the musicality of it and I,m hoping its little brother a similar brighter musical soundstage I,m after...... any ideas? thanks in advance.
The Axis is/was a good TT. But IMO 795 is too much for the Linn. It is an older table so you will take your chances with things like rubber dry and cracked, and bad caps etc.I have also heard of reliabiity issues with the electronic motor of the Axis. IMO I would look to Rega for a budget table.
I've owned my axis for 22 years and it's been refurbished. A used Axis should go for way less than $795. Linn Axis/Basic arm/no cart goes for $400 average on ebay.
I agree. It's a great little table, but $795 is way too much.

I just setup a Project Debut Carbon for a friend of mine and I was very impreesed with the build and sound quality of this table and it's only $399 new.
His price is nuts and the caps cannot be replaced. Stay away. Buy a Rega.
Thanks for your input I know $795 is "top of market" ....everything looked like it was in A1 shape,fresh cart and belt,non smoker new caps and so on and it sounded good too.

But deep down I know its not in the same league as a LP12!

So what should i be looking at? I,m a sucker for the "Linn" sound.

Would I like a Vpi Traveller? (I could spring for new) or something used from this forum ? thanks again.
If you can swing a Traveler, do it.

Otherwise look at Rega RP3, or for less the Debut Carbon, as MoFi suggests.

Yes, the LP12 is a great TT.
The price is high based on the market but I have owned one happily as my main player since 1986. It should be guaranteed to be in top operating condition, and have a decent cart to start with.

The sound with Denon DL103R and ARC phono pre-amp I use currently (with step up Xformer for the low output MC cart) is quite top notch IMHO and hard to beat, certainly compared with anything new at that price, though if mine were to die, the new VPI Traveler at just over $1000 looks like a viable replacement candidate.
You would like a traveler but make sure you get a MC cart for detail and more forward presentation. Yes Get a Traveler, but the cart will reall have a major impact on the sonics. Don't forget the phono amp!
Usually there are a handful of LP-12's here on Audiogon and I've seen some with arms in decent shape for as low as $800 and a little nicer ones for around what you would pay for a Traveler, ($1300).

Maybe be patient and wait for an LP-12 to show up in your price range. Seems like you'd really like to have another LP-12.

BTW, the Traveler is an excellent table. I've setup a couple of them already and they are indeed very nice.
A used LP-12 for sale is usually in better condition than a used Axis. Plus LP-12 is upgradable.
But I'm still glad I had my Axis rebuilt.
Thanks for all the input I appreciate it,as its a buffer for my impetuous self to go out and buy the "first thing that comes along"
Having said that,I only considered the Axis because I wanted to listen to none of my friends are into vinyl ....where have all the record stores gone?
Thats another thread!

I did hear listen to a new Music Hall 5.1 with a Ortorfon red and it sounded great to me so take that for what it is.
I have priced one with 2m blue and a speed box and a Cambridge Audio Azur 551P Phono Preamp for about $1200 shipped so I,m stewing right now.
That would be a nice set-up. The 2M red is nice but if you can swing it, the Blue is worth the extra bucks. Go for it-I dont think you will regret it.

Also, if no lp stores in your area I suggest getting an amazon prime account ($7 per year) which includes free 2 day shipping. Amazon has a huge selection of new and used vinyl., and others are good services too. Ebay is sort of a crap shoot but Ive had luck there too.
If none of your pals are into vinyl, have them over for a listening session when you get your rig set-up. Play a cd then an lp of the same pressing and ask for reactions.