linn axis vs pro-ject debut III

I am planning to add turntable in my system and debating between these two:

- late 80's linn axis with Linn Basik LV X tonearm, a Linn K9 stylus and the 45 adapter for $340. the guy hasn't use it for 8 yrs or so.

- pro-ject debut III for $399

pros with the Linn: very well established TT maker and i heard very good things about the linn axis
cons with the Linn: the cartridge and stylus are discontinued, so it's gonna be hard and expensive to maintain

pros with the pro-ject: very well known entry level TT from what i have read and heard.
cons: I don't know how this one compares with the Linn.

If anybody in the forum has experiences with any of these two. please give some input and suggestions of what should i get.
thank you
If you are not familiar with turntable set up,maintenance,etc. go with a new(all inclusive,already set up)package.Just my opinion,others may disagree and that's perfectly fine with me.Good luck in whatever path you choose to follow.
thank you Tpreaves,
I'm leaning towards the linn axis. I was thinking to get an Audio Technica AT440ML for the cart. Has anyone done that to linn basic tonearm? does it sound right?
update: got a mint condition Linn Axis. does not regret it one bit. the wood is sexy and the sound is waaay better than my rega cd player