Linn Axis, Akito

I have a Linn Axis arm Akito.
It deserves the effort, to upgrade with a entree level of 1000$ from Scheu, or Project, etc.
Thank you
I use a vintage but mint Basik/Akito/Sumiko Pearl rig with a Jelco/Mogami DIN cable...this setup sounds so damn good I have no current desire to upgrade, although the Rega RP6 might sneak in there someday if I can get over the lack of VTA adjustment in Regas. So there.
I used to have that's pretty can be beat...but I doubt for $1000 new...I'd get a new belt....a better cartridge and phono cable and enjoy a great table.

You can go backwards...
Your Linn Axis/Akito if well maintained (caps, motor, belt in good condition) is better than a new $1000 TT. It would not be a step forward.
I own a mint Axis and have been auditioning new TTs in the $1500 range and am keeping the Axis. It has that great Linn house sound.
Back in the 1980s, Linn built this affordable TT and it rivaled the LP12.
Well, What can I say, unless,
Thank you
You can try new phono stage or cart before upgrading the Linn. Right now u have a great classic TT with a great arm.