Linn AV5140 speakers vs ERA D14 speakers???


Im thinking of getting a pair of Linn Av5140.
I will use them for both Music and Movies.
How would you characterize the sound?

Also Im interested in a pair of ERA D14 towers.
How would you characterize the sound of ERA speakers?

I prefer a warmer sound.

If you prefer a warmer sound then the Era's are definitely a better choice than the Linn's. I have never heard a Linn speaker that you could characterize as warm sounding. I have only ever heard the stand mount Era's but I would imagine the towers maintain the Era house sound which lean to a warmer sound.
era speakers are warmer, linn is clinical but very musical, the 5140 are best in active mode with linn cards, without those cards i would not buy linn, and linn is one of my favorite companies. era is excellent choice ,although they can be very detailed, but much warmer....i like the era monitors especially. i have heard the linn 5140 when it came out many years ago and i have heard the era monitors, the monitors are detailed and newer....i would think the 5140 would have alot of time on them and well, you never know.
Sounds like both speakers would be a goood choice.
Im leaning towards the Linn AV5140,but the ERA could
work out also.
Well I got the Linn 5140s, very nice speakers.Great Macro
and Micro dynamics.Good warmth with solid Bass.Very Very
Musical,great on Piano playback.