Linn AV5140 & 5120 advice


Looking for speaker advice for a dedicated HT room. The room is 12’11”x 9’5” with 7’11” ceiling which is pretty small, basically a bedroom that I’ve remodeled. Running the speakers on the short wall with a love seat about 40” from the rear wall. Listening position is 80” from the LCR speakers. Currently NHT M5 speakers used for LCR duties, SVS CS-Ultra sub. No surrounds yet but want to end up with a 5.1 system. Using Integra Research RDC-7 pre/pro and RDC-7 amp for electronics. I’ll be acoustically treating the room with Real Traps to help smooth out room frequency response.

Would like to upgrade the LCR and have an opportunity to get a Linn AV5140 mains and AV5120 center channel for a pretty good price. Is this to much speaker for this size room? Are these good speakers for HT movies, concert DVD’s and regular TV? I have a dedicated 2-channel room for my vinyl listening because I didn’t want to mix the two.

I’ve also considered PSB Platinum speakers, Revel Performa line and Totem speakers but all are allot more money than what I can get the Linn speakers for.

Also, what surrounds would work well with the Linn’s if I did get them? Or generally good all-around surround speakers?

Any comments from past owners would be greatly appreciated!

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5140 and 5120 is a great combination, and would work well in your room. I have these speakers powered by Linn 5105 amplifiers. I use a pair of 5120's for the rears, you could also use Tukan's.
I agree with Patternlou the 5140/5120 is a great setup. I would highly recommend another pair of 5140's as surround if you can. I ran that system for many years and it's fantastic. I still use 5140's for surrounds.

If you do go with these speakers - upgrade the tweeters to Espek tweeters. They are light years better than the ones that came in the 5140's.

Good luck!
The 5140/5120 do great in a room that size, I had them for several years, great
speakers, very musical, and excellent bass especially when active. I ran the
5120's for surrounds, then the 5140's, but for a small room the Tukans would
work well.
Thanks for the advice! Based on it I bought them!
Congrats! Next step - take them Aktiv!!

I'm sure you will enjoy them. 5140's were my first "real" speaker that I ever owned... so they have a special place in my heart. They are very good - especially for the price you paid.