Linn amps vrs Bryston

I currently have Martin Logan Vantages and will be moving to Magnepan 20.1's. I am having a tough time deciding what amp to purchase. I will be using the Linn Akurate DS for music and the Anthem new D2 preprpo. I am looking at the bryston 6b SST and the 4BSST; the Linn Akurate 4200 and the 2200; lastley the mcintosh mc402 and the mc205. Please offer your insights to these amps and which one will offer the cleanest most detailed sound with strong base response. I should also mention that I have a REL B2 for added lower end support. Please if you have a similar system share what components you are using.
Thanks for your time and insight.
My recommendation,based on personal experience,would be a Bryston 14BSST.I paired that amp with Magnepan 3.6's and the combination was seamless.Together they yield a distortion floor lower than any combination I've used.
As has been said many times, Maggies want a lot of power. That means instant amperage more than watts. My little Forte 4a with fifty watts could do, because it has a LOT of oomph behind those little fifty watts. Am amp that can put nearly 4 times the power of 8ohm into a 2ohm load is the one you want.
So pick the one with the muscle.
Linn Can handle any load, down to 2 ohms. I also find Linn more musical than Bryston (and Lighter...Brystons are cinder blocks). I used to own a Bryston and sold it, It does everything the company claims but is very analytical. You should try Linn, the Akurate 2200 would be more than enough. Also try Classé and Simaudio, great Canadian gear and more Musical than Bryston. Hope this helps.
Many owners of Magnepan 20/3.6 have Spectron Musician III - its sonic signature is SET midrange with "steel balls" for bass and dynamic range. Very big soundstage.

All The Best
"Cleanest and most detailed" certainly sounds like Bryston to me, and in my system no other amplifier controlled bass better. The fact that other people have liked them with Maggies is also a good sign. Spectron sounds like a good recommendation as well. Linn amps are obviously very good, but I've found they don't always mate well with some speakers (i.e. they didn't sound very good w/ B&W in my opinion), so before going that route I'd look for some feedback from people who have used them with Maggies.

From what you describe though, Bryston is a no-brainer recommendation. Best of luck.
I never heard B&W speakers so I can not say, however bryston does not match well with all speakers either. In any case try to audition before doing anything with this kinda $$$. Linn Bass in my experience is quite good, same for Simaudio or Classé. It will come down to your preference in sonic signature. I admit I am no Bryston fan, but that is only because I have compared it to other gear. You should do the same for your own piece of mind. None of these products I mentioned would have trouble Driving Magnepans. Good luck.