This question is directed to owners of Linn systems.
Have heard a lot of good things about LK 140 amps and the
Kairn pre amp.So I took the plunge and I,m now a Linn owner.What I want to know is this ,is going active a must in order to get the most out of the above mentioned gear.
Since I would need to buy a second amp and a set of Linn speakers,along with active cards,is the extra investment well worth it.I welcome all of your comments with thanks.
In a word, YES! Linn amps sound very good in passive mode, but the jump in going active is significant. Far above just passively bi amping. Yes, you will need Linn speakers too, and the active cards, and to bypass or remove the crossovers (depends on which speakers, some Linn speakerrs can only be run active)

FWIW I converted my fronts in my HT to active and it was such an improvement I ended up with the entire system active now!
I agree with Kennyt. It's very cost effective too if you buy used. To my ears this was a huge improvement. Something you may wish to also consider is replacing your preamp with a quality tube unit. I found this out accidentally when I was assembling a turntable for a friend. His new cartridge was on the lower end, output-wise, of my Linn preamp. The preamp he had bought had a better phono stage match so he brought it over and we put it in my system. About 15 seconds into the first cut we discovered that my system sounded so much better it was incredible. Speed and driver control, sound stage width and depth, inner details and every other aspect of the presentation was improved by a large margin. I'm certainly not trashing the Linn preamps, especially the well regarded Kairn. The preamp we tried that day was a Supratek Syrah and after a couple of lesser units were tried in my system that is what i now own. No matter what you do I'd suggest getting informed about every Linn upgrade path. You'd really be surprised at the level of playback I enjoy with my Keilidh's and LK 100's. My amps are now my weakest link (not bad at all, just the next logical upgrade) and I could choose a tune box to house the Aktiv cards and keep the Keilidh's. Otherwise new speakers and amps would be replaced simultaneously. I hope I haven't cunfused the issue here but this is such a major homerun in audio I just had to share it.
Thanks Kennyt and Lugnut.
I think I will fallow your suggestions and buy some used Linn gear and try the active mode.In as far as getting a tube Pre Amp it could be a while,as a just purchased the Linn Kairn.What speakers do you guys suggest that are not overly exspansive.Thanks Ross
Lugnut, you could just upgrade the amps, so long as you stick with other Linn amps compatible with those activ cards... I think the LK 100's are stereo right??

You can always call Linn in Jacksonville, FL and ask them, they are always very helpful.
Rossq, Active systems are amazing and Linn has it right. I had Linn amps for years, LK1 than Kairn pro, LK280's Sparked! That was a very nice set up. I still like them as my source I have a Lp12 Sondek and an Ikemi CDP. Kennyt and Lugnut pretty well have it covered for you. Enjoy!
i own kabers active with 3 lk100's never disappointing...great bulid, tight, and clean