Linn Amp Question

I am trying to decide between going active with a pair of Linn 5140's and 3 Klout amps or for similar money, ok a little more, going with a Klimax Twin 500. I haven't heard the Klimax and really won't be able to audition either setup till I buy it so any feedback would be appreciated.
Linn's website has a pretty active forum. Suggest you look there for insight. I was using two AV5105 amps (excellent value amps) a couple of years ago and found the forum to be very helpful.
is the Klimax twin the Chakra version? the regular Twin was updated to the Chakra version and this made a signifigant improvement. I currently have the Klimax chakra twin running linn akurate 242s and just love the amp. Klouts are great but old...what are your sources?