Linn AkurateDs or external Dac?

my first post here, greetings to all of you!
I want to upgrade my source from Linn Majik DS.
Logical choice would be Akurate DS.
The rest of my system is PassXP10 and XA30.5. Speakers are Dynaudio Special 25.
Music is 70% Classical 30% Jazz.
I'm interested in people's opinion in keeping the Majik DS as a source and buying an external dac instead.
I'm thinking of an AMR DP777 or ARC Dac8.
Did anyone compare Akurate DS to the AMR or ARC?

Before the XP10 I had an Akurate Preamp. Since then I notice how "sterile" and "flat" the Majik DS is.
Resolution isn't everything.
I would like to add a little more "flesh" and "body".
Could the AMR do this?

Over here in Germany I could buy the AMR new for the same price as the Linn Akurate (or ARC) used!
There is no way I can compare these two units at the same time in my system.
The reviews of the AMR make me think that this is the way to go for me.

Asking this in the Linn forum is nonsense ;-)
"No dac beats AkurateDS besides Klimax DS!" Obviously.

Thank you.

I have heard the Linn Klimax DS before in a system where i had some good idea of all the equipment. I have heard the DAC 8 and know the AMR only by reputation, review and comparison to shared technology in Zanden...same chip among other things...and i know Zanden.

Sounds like if you are looking for more flesh and body...and avoiding sterile, you might well find AMR and ARC to be to your liking...probably ARC being 'in the middle' relative to Linn and AMR.

Good luck...good choices! And pls post when you can with update!
Have directly compared the Majik DS and Akurate DS with the ARC Dac8 and honestly like all three of them. The Akurate DSM is the one I would recommend as it has the most to offer as far as inputs and functionality moving forward.
I would think that keeping the Majik DS and simply getting another dac would not make as big a difference as selling it and getting the Akurate DSM.

I do not find the DS products "sterile and flat" so not sure what to say except you may have different tastes.
I will not sell my XP10 therefore the DSM with integrated Pre is not an option (any more).
Could you please describe the sonic differences between Akurate and ARC Dac8?
I think the MajikDS does not fit well with my XP10.
Maybe the AkurateDS has a different sonic character which fits better.
I would love to keep the Majik as a source because it works absolutely perfect with no problems whatsoever.
Just a little more body is what I'm looking for.
Thanks for your reply.
Lose the XP10! I had one and was not impressed. Bought a Modwright LS/PS 36.5 tube preamp to drive my PS audio PWD instead. Much better! Then the PS audio PWD MKII upgrade came along, and I ditched the pramp altogether. It has all the body I need and then some. Just one man's experience.
Hey Edorr,

it's hard but i have to admit.
I bought a DP-777 some months ago and never thought I would use its pre amp function.
Man I was wrong. This piece is just music.
I will sell my Xp10.
I assume this is not everyone's Dac of choice but in my MY system for MY taste it beats everything I've heard so far.
I still use my Linn MagikDS as a source and its perfect.
The soundstage is so much deeper and wider its incredible.
Less cables, less worries just more music.