Im looking for a good high-end CD/SACD player.
Its between the Linn Akurate CD and the Esoteric X-05.
I prefer warmth,but also like detail,pace and bass slam.
Whats your opinion on these two players?

I have listened to the Linn and I can tell you detail is there. Most information I can recall hearing. Not sure on the warmth, I have an Ayre C5xeMp and that seems to be the warmest I have heard for a while but less money and no surround. I have never heard the X-05 but have never heard and Esoteric I didn't like. They are built like a tank, not sure about the Linn I know that the Unidisk 1.1 had some issues and it basically the same engine.

Thanks for the info, Ive heard good thing about the
Ayre C5xe also.Im hoping this will be my last player
for a long time.Im leaning towards the Esoteric X-05
but the Linn Akurate looks very interesting.Im trying
to have my Cake and eat it too!
I like the Esoteric. It is amazing in it's detail. Plays SACD's and redbook as good as, or better, then anything I've heard in it's price range.The warmth you may be looking for will have to come from the rest of your rig but everything you say your looking for is there.The Esoteric that intrigues me at the same price,is the soon to be released SA-50 with a 32 bit dac.
>>The Esoteric that intrigues me at the same price,is the soon to be released SA-50<<

They are not the same price.

Dealer disclosure.
I was lead to believe they both had an MSRP in at $5995.

The SA-50 price is $4999.00.
Hi Alpha,
I stand corrected, however I'm now confused as to why the X-05 is $1000 more. It seems to me that the SA-50 has superior dacs and inputs to access these dacs. Is the price differential due to the X-05 build, transport or performance?
Like to listen to them both

I think that the X-05 has the more expensive
transport, but I could be wrong.
Do not buy either - if you want sound that will trash both of those units, buy a LINN Ajurate DS. Will not even be close with 24/96 and 24/192 WAV or FLAC.