Linn Akurate 242 Speakers, WOW

I was at my local High-End dealer checking out some CD Players with a friend on Friday and auditioned the LINN Akurate 242 Speakers with a Mark Levinson Setup. I have heard various LINN speakers over the years but I must say, these certainly impressed me.

They had the optional Outrigger stands and just conveyed music with such ease and transparency. Anyway, what a pleasant surprise! This Store is also a Dynaudio Dealer which I have heard most of the current models. I must say, I prefer the LINNs without hesitation.

Anyway, I did not end up purchasing a new CD player but left with a lasting impression of these speakers. Hats off to the folks at LINN for making a wonderful sounding speaker. It is such a treat to come across a product that impresses you by surprise.

Happy New Year!

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Chris, I agree wholeheartedly. I have listened to these for months now at my local Linn dealer in Ft Collins Colo.
He has them hooked up to the Ayre System including the Universal Stereo Player and WOW says it all. I have the Revel Performas and hopefiully someday I can afford the Linn's. Gorgeous to look at as well.
Chris, I have the 242s, and agree with your comments, they are amazing speakers for the price. Don't forget the ability to upgrade over time by going active. Mine are active using Linn 5125 amps.
I just upgrade my Akurate 242 in full active with 10 chanels of Chakra power amplifiers ( 5 chanels by speaker as they are five ways) and they are just amazing !! My room is fool of music all the time and they are so precise and sweet at the same time that you can listen anything you want on them... Great speakers indeed !
Can anybody compare these to the 803Ds? I like them both very much, and finding it hard to justify one way or the other.