Linn Aktiv cards for tri-amp LK140/Ninaka

Can someone tell me the Linn aktiv cards for Tri-amp LK140/Ninaka speakers. Ninka is 2 ways 3 drives speakers. When playing active tri-amps, will it maintain in 2 ways. As I know the bi-amps active,aktiv cards for treble and mid/bass are installed into the amps. I have asked the Linn distributer, the saleman said even tri-amp config. The mid range and bass drive are used the same aktiv card (for mid/bass) as bi-amp one, still be kept in two ways.But are driven by 3 amps. Is it correct? Thanks for your advice very much.

If I understand your confusion correctly, you want to know how things work with three Aktiv stereo amps running the two way Ninka's that have two mid/bass drivers per speaker. The crossovers in the back of the Ninka's need to have the jumpers configured correctly for this application. Once that is done, each driver in each speaker (total of six) will be driven by an Aktiv channel of an amp. You are correct that it takes three amps (one stereo treble and two stereo mid/bass) to tri-amp Aktiv. This should represent the best possible performance for the Ninka's since nothing in the speaker crossover will function except the pass through.

You can start your Aktive setup with just two amps, one for the treble and the other for the bass. You will have to run
the bass units with a biwire cable. The best way will be to use Linn K-600 (3 pairs inside), one pair for the treble and the remainig two pairs for each of the mid bass drivers.
That way if you want to buy another amp and midbass Aktive card, just remove on the the speaker pair from the existing
midbass amp and plug them on the new one. Hope this helps.
Are there any performance gains if you switch the cross over plates to Tri Amp Aktiv, but just a third cable from the second row of outputs on the bass/mid amp? Has anyone tried this?

Just a thought
Thanks you guys your valuable advice. Lugnut, My confusion regards the aktiv card used for the amp connecting to mid-range and bass speaker. I wonder tri-amp active in Ninka it doesn't mean in real 3 ways unit seperately driving when the tri-amp active link card of ninka have been installed.

I think the mid-range and bass unit speaker still use the same source of signal streamed from one Mid/bass atkiv card. In tri-amp there will be two identical mid/bass atkiv card installed into two LK140s. Is it correct?

I have just brough the third LK140amp to upgrade from bi-amp.I am not sure whether I have to replace the aktiv card for the second amps connected to mid-range and get one more for third amp connected to bass unit? Or get one aktiv card as bi-amp one for mid/bass speaker.Finally, does linn supply the seperate atkiv card for mid unit speaker and bass unit speaker? Please advise. Many thanks

You will require two identical mid/bass active cards for two of your LK 140 amps and one treble active card for your third LK 140 amp. The Ninka is a TWO WAY speaker. It might have three drivers per speaker, but it is only a two way speaker. If it was a three way speaker then yes it would need a separate mid range active card.

Thanks Bunker, I got the third mid/bass aktiv card. With tri-amp The music is superb and wonderfull. I never imagine the bass is so much deep extended than bi-amp. Highly recommanded, upgrade your linn system to tri-amp.