Linn aktiv cards adjustements question....

I have active 5140s with LK85/140s amps and haven't found any documentation on the "tone" (gasp) adjustments on these things. My questions are:

1) Which setting is considered 0db or "flat"?
2) What is the range of adjustment +/- db for these cards both bass and treble? I see conflicting information on this....


I have Aktiv Keilidh's and on my trebel cards there are eight DIP switches. The switches are numbered. One thru four are in the on position by factory default. Turning on an additional switch raises the output .5db. I assume that all Linn cards are the same. I can send you a photo of my card if you would like to compare. I couldn't get an answer about whether it is okay to make changes with things powered up. I took the plunge and did it and everything was fine. That's not an endorsment of how it should be done. Do this at your own risk. A toothpick worked well for switching those little devils.

Patrick has a very small rotating pot style "dial" with detents with I'm thinking (haven't verified) 8 positions.

I actually called Linn this AM, and got right through to someone in their tech dept. I was told position 4 is default (0 db) ... with the total range 4db (!), although he didn't sound 100% sure of that.

Tech was pretty helpful.
Do remember to set one of the pots to zero, and adjust using
the other one. On the Klout amp the cards are installed vertically, thus one of the pot can be adjusted. Setting one to zero will enable the adjustement circuit, otherwise
you can change the setting and get no change in sound.