Linn Akito Question, Help Please?

I am looking to buy this tonearm but if someone could clarify the price of this arm. I have several buying guides from 1991,93,94,96 and the list the Retail @ around $350. I have the audio buying guide of 1999 and the listed retail is $899. The dealer im looking to buy from is basing his sale price of $350 on $899 retail. Was there a upgrade or mod in the life of this arm that increased the retail to $899?

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... an "upgrade" to the Akito II. This second version was _much_ better than the first. The Akito I was said to be an improvement on the older Basik. The Akito II was said to be an improvement on the older Ittok up to its LVII version.

If you pay the dealer's price just be sure you're getting an Akito II.
Another point, although I'm not sure how it relates to the different prices you've mentioned, is that the first arms were made in Japan. Linn, supposedly was not happy with the arms coming from Japan and started making them in Scotland. The arm was improved at this time. This may be the Akito II, I don't know. But look on the back of the arm collar and see if it says made in Scotland or Made in Japan and you'll at least know before you buy it.