LinLai WE 300B or the LinLai Global Elite Permaloy 300B tubes ?

I presently am using Sophia Electric 300B mesh-plates and find them to sound good in general.  I originally used the Sophia Royal Princess 300B's and really loved the sound, however in my experience, reliability was really poor and for the price, it wasn't any fun trying to get replacements.  I'm getting ready to order new 300B's however would like to know if any of you have had experience with their WE 300B or their flagship Elite Permaloy 300B.
Thanks... John
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"In the world of tubes, trial and error is indispensible"

"@antigrunge, you’re not complicating it at all, sound quality of these tubes has to always be taken in context of entire system. What may sound great in one system may not in another. Even with the reliability factor, context matters, one amp may run tube much harder than another."

The truth and nothing but the truth.
I have approximately 35 hours on the 16 WE tubes.  They are not fully biased yet but are currently at about 85%.  I was told to break them in slowly and that is what I am doing.  I will take up to full bias in a couple of days.

Early impressions compared to the Gold Lion.  Better bass response and separation of musical instruments.  I am hearing more of the light cymbals on drums, a more distinct pang of the piano,  better clarity, and definition.  Of course, I also have the Yellow QSA fuses in also to further enhance my overall experience.  

It was a major investment, but given that I listen to music 4 hours a day, it was worth it.  
Good to read that the Western Electric 300bs are working out for you.  Premium tubes for a premium amplifier.