Linlai E 6sn7 tubes

I just placed an order for a pair of these for my Aric Audio Motherlode II.  I’ve been chatting with a fellow that runs the E 6sn7 in his Don Sachs pre. He loves them, He says they make his NOS tubes sound thin and lifeless.  
    It will be a couple weeks until I receive them,and I was curious if anyone out in Agon land has tried these,and what are your impressions?   
Thanks in advance,



@danmar123 the fellow that makes adapters is in this thread

Scroll down until you see the picture of a similar shaped adapter. Posters name is Devan. It obviously would have only 1 tube socket. He was just presenting this to see if it was kind of what I had in mind. I’ve never met or talked to the man, though others in the thread recommended him highly.



Sorry, man's name above is Deyan. When I try to edit post above tablet goes crazy.



@danmar123 to @bugredmachine "NO hiss what so ever. I have LaScala’s 2 which is 105 db"


Does this not confirm its the preamp or how the tubes are installed, or not fully seating? I am interested to read if the riser/adapters help this situation out or not.

Also wondering how much the adapters will impact the sound.

@decooney I would say it's his pre-amp. I'm using Altec 311-60 w/GP 902T driver & a B&C 250 driver for my tweeter. Very revealing!