Linlai E 6sn7 tubes

I just placed an order for a pair of these for my Aric Audio Motherlode II.  I’ve been chatting with a fellow that runs the E 6sn7 in his Don Sachs pre. He loves them, He says they make his NOS tubes sound thin and lifeless.  
    It will be a couple weeks until I receive them,and I was curious if anyone out in Agon land has tried these,and what are your impressions?   
Thanks in advance,



So, I popped the top on my fine Black Ice hybrid preamp, removed the TungSol tube and popped in a Linlai 6SN7. After the tube warmed up, it is clear that it was an upgrade. More tonal saturation, more meat on the bones so to speak which was my only issue with the stock tube that came with the preamp. It had great clarity and soundstaging but was a touch more lean sounding than my tastes.

I recently purchase 6 Tung-Sol Black Plates 6SN7 tubes for my Canary Audio Grand reference 300B mono amp.  These are NOS tubes from the 50's.   This amp also has 16 Western Electric 300B tubes so I am very particular about what goes in my system. 
​I let the system do a soft 14-hour burn-in before playing actual music.  Right out of the box, there is more resolution and clarity, and detail.  I am very happy. 

Hey, I can confirm what others been saying in this thread. Tha Lin Lai E-6SN7 is really very interesting tube. I’m using it in Feliks Audio Euphoria and compared to the gold PsVane 6SN7, it’s quite a bit more expansive and bass is notably tighter. Those were 2 major difference that I noticed immediately.

The PsVane tubes are great also, but different, so I think someone might prefer one over the other.