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Thread dedicated to anything and everything that helps us with high end audio, our computers, music, security and system set up tools.

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Calculating resonance of tonearm and cartridge. This is a commonly discussed topic at Audiogon and I found this site where you can calculate this simply and quickly.

Free computer security software. Even if you don’t use a Bit Torrent client to share files, PeerGuardian effectively blocks advances from advertisers, spam, Java application stubs and spyware.

Windows download is prominent and there is a Navigation bar on the right that provides links for Linux, and Mac OS X downloads.

My son runs this on Microsoft XP Pro and I have it on two Macintosh's running OS X. It's amazing the number of hits this turns away from my computer.
Listening room dimensions are often out of our control, but the Cardas Golden Cuboid dimensions have shown up in some of the best sounding listening rooms I've been in. Here's a link to the Cardas room ratios and other room setup suggestions...

Cardas Golden Cuboid Room Dimensions and other room setup suggestions
Turntable fine tuning suggestions from Lloyd Walker... When you've got the basics right, the magic is in the final details and Lloyd describes how he's learned to do it.

Fine Tuning Your Turntable
Loricraft - getting the thread back in the armtube...

The Audiogon thread that posed the question...

The .PDF file that gives the answer (with photos)...
Look up any music, any artist, any song ever recorded. Many albums have the option to listen to part of each track.

A valuable tool if you're bidding on software at Audiogon or Ebay and can't remember what songs are on the album. You can also search by song title and see every person who has recorded it.

I use this EVERY day.
Welcome to
Convert just about anything to anything else.
Over 5,000 units, and 50,000 conversions.

Tuner information, vintage stereo tuners.
Recorded Music, Lp,CD,etc.

26 Million Records, LPs, CDs and More from 1000s of Sellers Worldwide!

Happy Listening!
Wish you had a spell checker for Audiogon forums?

Below is a link to a spelling application that corrects as you type or will look into ANY text that you have on your desktop. Not only documents, but web pages, forum posts, email, Microsoft files, text in Photoshop, i Tunes to name a few.

Spell Catcher

Works in many languages and even has technical library with scientific terms. Words that only exist (such as brand names in high end audio) can be added and will be check automatically, every time you type.
SPYware and ADware detecting freeware: herewith lots of downloadable s/w. Also, don't ignore this freeware fm McAfee called "site advisor" which rates sites according to their ad, spam, spy, danger potential.
Cool tool for placing loudspeakers in your room:

With this program you can "move" your speakers around the room, add and subtract drapes and furniture and see the effect.
How vinyl records are made - a nice two part video on YouTube showing the process from creating the lacquer through cutting, plating and pressing.

How records are made video, Part 1
How records are made video, Part 2
Turntable and tonearm user manuals and technical documents for many brands/models have been collected at The Vinyl Engine, a great source of information for turntable users.

Library of user manuals and technical documents at The Vinyl Engine, also includes downloadable strobe discs and alignment protractors.
Cartridge data base with tech info. Includes a tonearms-cartridge compatibility indicator as well: The cartridge data base
It's quite possible your favorite high end audio gear got it's good looks here.

For every high end audio chassis you recognize, this company supplied a hundred more not shown on their site.
Great source for looking up phono cartridge specifications;
British Airways Jet Lag Calculator

Seat Guru. Identify the best seats to reserve for your flight.

Great photo database of vintage tubes.
1,000's of audio related internet sites.
Identify original Beatles US pressings on Capitol