Linking xlrs together

I have 4 sky xlrs at 1.5m each
I need 2 x 3m
Easy answer is to plug one 1.5 into another 1.5 making my 3m
Will anything  (much) be lost sonically by doing this
Many thanks


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I am asking because I cannot compare 1 x 3m Sky cable with 2 x 1.5m cable, as I do not have a 3m cable. So there is nothing to trust as I cannot compare. Hence question ... if anyone else had tried such a thing and has been able to suss out any differences.

Many thanks for the practical aspects, greatly appreciated as I would not want to install unless the results were considered to be ok. Once 2 x 1.5s were installed inertia may take place about getting 3m  and I would always be wondering and being irritated. Buying 2 x 3m could be expensive to try, and achieve not a great deal.At least I can rest easy and use until an alternative crops up naturally.