Linking xlrs together

I have 4 sky xlrs at 1.5m each
I need 2 x 3m
Easy answer is to plug one 1.5 into another 1.5 making my 3m
Will anything  (much) be lost sonically by doing this
Many thanks

Not really.  But the real question is, why are you asking us? You should trust your own ears. What good is it to you if I say I can hear excess microphonic distortion at the joining of the cables, if you can hear absolutely none of it?

So, try it.


I am asking because I cannot compare 1 x 3m Sky cable with 2 x 1.5m cable, as I do not have a 3m cable. So there is nothing to trust as I cannot compare. Hence question ... if anyone else had tried such a thing and has been able to suss out any differences.

I have done it before with AQ Earth and AQ Niagara.  As it is very hard to find longer lengths on the used market. To my ears they sounded equal.  I have also used barrel connectors linking AQ Columbias with same results. 
I have many times linked two XLR cables, and while theoretically there is loss, I suspect that unless you were conducting side by side comparison of, say, 2x1.5 versus 1x3 you would not hear a difference, and perhaps not even in direct comparison. 

From the myriad cable tests and systems I have built you are likely to encounter far more difference in moving between brands and models of XLR and RCA cables than to link two XLR to achieve equivalent length of a single cable. 

Many thanks for the practical aspects, greatly appreciated as I would not want to install unless the results were considered to be ok. Once 2 x 1.5s were installed inertia may take place about getting 3m  and I would always be wondering and being irritated. Buying 2 x 3m could be expensive to try, and achieve not a great deal.At least I can rest easy and use until an alternative crops up naturally.