Linking TV audio into Sonos system?

I would like to hear success stories bout doing this.

I have a very nice Samsung 4K large TV in our living room.  We have Sonos speakers in he house with a pair of Play 5s in the same room as the TV.  I also have a Sonos Connect there as well.

The TV audio is pretty anemic so, I'd like to be able to stream the TV audio into the Sonos system.

Has anyone done this?
The Sonos Connect has left right analog inputs.  If your TV has analog output you might be able to run those into the Connect and then select "line in" on the Sonos interface as a source.  Just a guess.
Hmm ...  I've heard of latency issues when using audio in on the Connect with a TV.   Seems like I migt need to get a Sonos Beam and can then connect to my Ply5s with WiFi.
Or, you could use a 1/8th phono plug (most tv’s have them) out to RCA. Works pretty well overall. You could do the same thing into a preamp etc if you have one.
Many TVs have an optical audio out. If yours does, connecting that output via a Toslink cable to an inexpensive DAC and then to the Connect with analog cables might give you better sound than using the analog output of the TV.