Link for almost all speaker mfg'r

Looking for a loudspeaker? Got a few hours to kill?

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Nice work, looks like some interesting reading. But tell me, how do you,Sean, and the others on this site get the links and URL addresses to come up in blue so when you click on them you go right to the sight I'm using Windows XP I should be able to do this. Guess I should read the manual or call tech support.
Thanks Dave

Click on "mark up tags" below the dialog box, they'll walk you through it.
Thanks Glen,that beats waiting 45 minutes on hold for tech support.Tech support is very good but oh so busy. Guess I should read the manual, but they have made these computors so easy to get up and running you hardly need the manual. Thank again
Thanks. Now I know where to go to compile my Christmas list ;-) Should Audiogon be hot linking to these kinds of sites? What do you think?