Link DAC III: In Out, In Out;

Put the link dac III between parasound cdp-1000 and amp, burn-in 2 weeks, good digital cable, don't want to color your feedback with other equipment. Using Joni Mitchell's "Blue" as I have for almost 15 years. Pretty sure there is less of the electronic sound that I hear without the Link,especially in the mid's and the guitar is more natural sounding. But then sometimes I'm not so sure. What experience do any of you have with the Link III and a lower middle player-transport like the parasound?
Are you saying that the MSB tends to make the recording sound more natural ? From what i gather, it seems like your unsure of the differences between straight CDP and then with the MSB in the system. If there isn't a noticeable difference in performance, it's not worth the money to me. Spend it on something that IS a noticeable upgrade. Sean >
Absolutely unsure. Other upgrades like bi-wiring, no question: wider deeper, clearer soundstage. Maybe because it's such a PITA to crawl behind the rack to do the switch, or my amplification doesn't have enough resolving power (have a sonographe 250 on the way) but I just can't be sure. 10 more days on the Audio Advisor 30. Then Kevin Halvorsen says, I think, DVD-a is an alias for 44.1 of something that can't exist above the prime number divided by the square root of entropy. So how about them Leafs, eh?