link between speaker and floor

I have used the spikes that came with my B&W n803 speakers, into tne carpet. Now we are changing over to solid laminate floors, so spikes are out. What is the best way to couple the speakker to the floor?
You can still use your spikes, just put some pucks under them. Audiogon member esoler makes some stainless or brass pucks for about $5 ea. I have found they even improve the sound. Cheers! John
When I moved my system to a beautiful black ceramic tile floor, I used 1/2 inch Walker Discs under all the spikes... no spike holes or scratches.
I don't know what you mean by best, but spikes + discs have worked well for me.
What Ohlala said. Spikes plus discs.
What also might work well is if you place a 12x12 1/2-inch thick or larger stone tile under the speakers and spike 'em to the tile. Gives a good solid foundation. Worked very well for me.
I like the Aurios Pros. Basically these are two metal disks with ball bearings between them. They don't have any spikes. I found they decoupled the speakers from the floor quite a bit more than spikes. I have heavy full range avalons, so the pro's were the best match.

The aurios give you more image focus and less haze. The presentation also seems to be quite a bit more natural. The room vibrates far less than before which is very good for the electronics - especially my turntable.

A potential downside is that the 'amount' of bass is perceived as being less. You don't have your room structure reinforcing it.

Another solution is to use Jenga Blocks with Home Depot cork dots adhered to either side. Works ok.
placing coins under the spikes will do it...
or get the pucks from any number of manufacturers: Audio Points' pucks are small & inexpensive
Be careful placing various "flats", "pucks" or coins underneath spikes. If you have hardened spikes connected to large, weighty speakers, the constant vibration can cause them to slowly dig or migrate through the metal "puck" and begin to bore into your flooring. I know that Bob Crump of TG Audio had a problem with this. Sean
I second John 1's comment. Aurios Pro's are a major improvement under spiked speakers, either on a wooden floor or carpet.
I'll second Sean's comment--especially with regard to soft change. I had a pair of ProAc RS2s on Target RS4 stands (filled with sand) and the four spikes on each Target punched through the pennies I used in no time. Wasn't even that heavy... Figure 75 lbs for the stand, mebbe 30 lbs for the speaker, 25 lbs of sand for 130 lbs total distributed over 4 spikes is, er... about 32 lbs per spike. With a sharp spike tho', the pressure on the point gets *big* very fast.
Thanks for all the helpfull feedback, now i have some good ideas to pursue.
I use hard white felt under the discs. Hard and thin as possible.
I also like Aurios under floor standing speakers, I am using Aurios 1.2 model. If you want to change tone slightly warmer place wood block under Aurios or thin dense cork pad. This sounds much better to me vs any cone system I have used. I am sure the Aurios Pro's sound even better for a higher price.

To easily move heavy speakers go to pet store and get 1" wide 6-8 ft nylon dog leash and cut off metal clip, slide under speaker and use as two handed sling to carefully lift from behind (like movers do).

If you want to stay with cones/spikes many companies make various cone discs/pucks to protect surface.
Lint? Just tilt the speaker up and vacuum carefully.
Hockey pucks