Liner notes in a streaming age

Tidal is enjoyable, but I am sorely missing liner notes.  Who was that engineer, what mikes did he use, who played that amazing B3 solo, is that a Randy Newman tune?  That sort of stuff.  Sometimes I want to pore over the lyric or cover art (remember Blue Cheer's Outsideinside?).  Is there a source for album art/notes that I can tap while listening to Tidal?
I don't use it but my understanding is that this is one of the benefits that Roon provides.  Like you, I miss having that stuff and, if my setup was Roon-compatible, I would subscribe in a minute.  Dick
What are you using to listen to Tidal? 

When I listen via the Tidal app on my iMac, the album's credits are available through the Album Info menu accessed by clicking on the three horizontal dots on the Play/Favorite/Share line just below artist picture.

Some albums have more info than others but it is where I go when listening to Tidal for liner/notes and credits info. 

Roon provides much more information, including photos, in its interface. One very cool feature is the links that appear to artist/band names in artist/album descriptions. This allows the user to immediately jump to the source of these links discovering how interconnected the music world is. This is heaven for those who are easily distracted and it's easy to navigate back to where you started.  Roon's next version reportedly includes a feature to allow the user to insert their own digitized liner notes, lyrics, and album art. 

Thanks, Dbtom2, I wasn't aware of that feature in Tidal.  I'll give it a try on my iPad.

Makes me wonder, though, if there's anything on the web that serves this purpose.  Sometimes I listen to internet radio stations that have little information except a track title.

@77jovian I use to get fairly good coverage of artist's bios, album discography, and critical popularity. 

For me, the quality of info is even worth tolerating their popups and endless sidebar videos. Good stuff to drill down to.

This is something that I wish I could get on Spotify.