Linear tracking turntables, whatever happened?

Curious as to the demise and downfall of the seemingly short lived linear tracking TT.
Just from a geometry point of view I would have thought a linear arm should be superior to one with a fixed pivot that sweeps through an arc.
Obviously there is much more to it than that, sort of the reason for this thread.
I am genuinely interested in trying one out for myself as well.
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I use a HiBlo pump from Pets&Ponds. Model 60 I believe (massively overspecced because I planned to use low pressure for other uses). I use a 1 gal plastic jug filled with cotton balls, with a long piece of perforated plastic tube feeding air to the inside of the jug. Then a Fairchild precision regulator and a medical blood pressure gauge to get me down to the 10-50 mm of Hg range (sub 1 psi). I finish with a 5 gal Jerry can surge tank.

Vic's silver wire is very nice - very pliable, very euphonic. I use ETI connectors myself.
Vic´s silver wire is VERY pliable but his stock has run out long time ago. Extremely difficult to locate unfortunately. Currently he uses copper litz which is a superb substitute. Some people prefer it as wiring is a matter of taste in sound quality. For me personally silver is the only to go for best SQ. Stiffer silver wires are very difficult to adjust and probably is a mission impossible to work all the way from run-ins to run-outs. As Terry the Improver said already, wire tension is the biggest challenge with linear trackers.

Terry, maybe you could send me your email thru A´gon ?
I owned a Thales Slim II. Even though the tonearm doesn’t resemble conventional linear tracker, the concept of a pivoting headshell has that effect.

For me, this will be my last turntable as it has the advantage of a linear tracker while maintaining the elegance of a conventional turntable 
@mhmeyers –

Thanks for that! I'm glad to see that someone got around to talking about the Beogram 4002.

Early in my audiophile days I owned one, coupled with a Bryston amp, Apt Holman pre-amp, and Magnepan Tympani III-A speakers. The turntable was excellent, and beautiful.

I switched to CD long ago, but still have very fond memories of that component.
Back in my linear-tracking days I would have initially believed the people who said it's a problem-free solution to record playing issues.  My ET-2 worked perfectly and I loved it.

Then I sold table and arm when a "good deal" presented itself in the form of a VPI TNT Mk. II and an identical ET-2, this one including a Wisa pump and Airtech surge tank.  This one had no end of problems.  I drove poor Bruce Thigpen crazy as we tried and failed to trouble-shoot what was wrong.

Turned out the Wisa pump was defective AND the Airtech leaked air but by the time I discovered that, I was heartily sick of the whole linear-tracking concept and never went back.