Linear Tracking Turntables

I currently have a Yamaha PX-3 linear tracking turntable, and it was working beatifully until I damaged the tonearm transport. (don't ask). I'm impressed with the performance I got out of it until I damaged it. I'll probably get another one from Ebay, but I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with these other linear tracking turntables that can fit standard mount carts: the Revox BX791 and 795 series, the Mitsubishi vertican turntables, and the Pionner/Phase Linear models. Which of these has the best linear arm?

the revox still sounds good today. they are however becoming more expensive(supply and demand)and ebay seems to be the last frontier to buy them. it would still compare favoribly with table/arm comos in the 2k range, and if its in good working order it will outlive any current table currently being sold at that pricepoint. haven't heard the yamaha in years, but i remember it was quite good...good luck
The Yamaha PX-2, although even harder to find, would be the best of the bunch, IMO. It was heavier, and more beautifully made than the PX-3, with more a more sophisticated transport and controls for the arm.

The Mitsubishi LT5-V was the vertical turntable. They were pretty good, and visually striking and unusual, but at least a notch below the PX-3 in terms of build quality.

None of these are bad, but the PX-2 was the only "high end" turntable of its day.

Good luck.
4 or 5 years ago when i got back into analog, i cleaned up my Mitsubishi LT5-V and put an lp on. It sounded constapated and hollow. I decided to pull the cover and look inside. The signal path from the cartridge was interupted so many times via connections and boards, I knew it was a pretty hopless cause. My ears had just outgrown it. That put me on my journy to this website.
nice stuff except for the turntables
You haven't heard anything until you hear one of these tonearms like the ET2 or the other air bearing tonearms out there. I think there is one called the MG-1 and it goes around $500. You can find a Technics SP-10, SP15, or SP25 if you don't want to spend big bucks put the air bearing with one of these tables and you will have a very nice sound table and would be far better than the Yamaha you had which is a nice sounding table. The only drawn back is the initial setup of the Air bearing tonearms (you need patience for this) but once its setup and balanced correctly on a firm table stand you wont have to mess with again for a while, only to do regular fine tuning that you would do normally with any table. Just something to consider.

ET2 and don't look back!!!!
My experience is with the LT 5-V.The thinking is right but the execution was mediocre with todays standards.If you have the skills and money and time to go for it,it can rock your world.Change the cable to silver from head to rca
throw away the flexing feet and replace with solid 3cm thick mdf and take the motor with a longer belt and power supply outside the turntable and finally do a little damping of the chassis and you 're there!
Sony PS-X800. Not only Linear tracking but "Biotracer" vertical servo as well. Good luck finding one!
There is a person in England who might be able to fix your
PX3 turntable. If you are interested than i could give you his number.He fixed my PX2 and PX3.
Thank you.
Audiogent, I too would like the contact, just in case it comes in handy sometime down the line... I actually have a couple of scrappy-looking PX-2s waiting in the wings as "working parts bins" just in case but I could use the contact...
Interesting to see a reference to the Sony PS-X800 after all these years. I bought one new many many years ago and still have it stored in my basement. I haven't used it in a long time. Something went wrong with the arm control mechanism. A minor problem, I'm sure. When the arm is activated it scans across the record cued up until it reaches the inner groove position and then turns itself off, returning to the arm rest. You can still play a record. You just have to interrupt it during that initial movement, move the arm back to the beginning of the record and cue it to the leadin groove. Then it will play the record just fine.

It was the table that replaced my Rabco Linear tracking table after an unfortunate accident damaged the arm.
Somewhat OT... I recently acquired another early-1980s Japanese linear-tracking flagship - the Diatone LT-1 - and spent part of the Christmas-to-New-Year's period listening to it. Very nice and stable sound. I had a Denon 103R and an older Lukaschek PP-1 running but no isolation, and a slightly dodgy-looking original platter mat so things can improve I am sure. The whole thing was paired with an EAR 859 driving Altec Model 19s. I was in toe-tapping heaven.

The arm adjustments were anything but intuitive when compared with the Yamaha PX-series tables, and my Yamaha PX-1 has the ability to control motor pitch more easily, but given that the table/arm setup ran me <$800, I was very pleasantly surprised - very tough to beat that these days for the same money...
The Phase Linear table was outstanding. Great arm, a completely different animal then the one that Pioneer used. The linear tracking does make the turntable easy to set up and of course eliminates the anti skate debate, but that doesn't mean it is a better sounding table.
Now that the Yamaha is dead, you should find a good turnable that you can easily change arms with. Personally I use a Dual 1229 with a Grace 747. I love, but changing the arm is a drag. Thorens TD-124 is spectactular in this regard. Great (possibly the best) platform and those arm boards are a snap to remove and change tonearms with. You will have greater flexiblity with a pivot arm table. My two cents.
Willster, I am looking for a backup for my PSx555es. Would like to sell the psx800?