Linear Power Supply for a DAC

I’m looking for a recommendation for a Linear Power Supply for a Chord DAC. There are some units available in the UK, but I’d rather find one here in the USA.
The DAC is the Chord QuteHD DSD Dac and I’m currently using the stock wall-wart.

Power supply specs are: 12v, 1A, 2.1mm connector. The DAC has a grounding post if needed.

I found this Teddy Pardo model, and the specs say power output “up to 2A.” Would this be a good match for my DAC?

Looking for quality, but wouldn’t mind finding something less expensive than the Pardo.
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Paul Hynes makes stellar supplies that work VERY well with Chord DAC's.
Thanks for the replies.
steakster, not really interested in a DIY project.

I've been reading the UK audio forums where there is a lot of talk about Chord DACs, and the Teddy Pardo and Paul Hynes are highly rated. Many people are using TeraDak (Chinese) and they get good reviews.
But something I've noticed and don't understand is that DAC owners are using power supplies with specs that do not exactly match the Chord. i.e., they'll use a 12V 0.5A PS on a DAC which requires 2 amps.

There is one PS being sold in the UK specifically for Chord and it is less expensive than the Teddy and highly rated.

My gut tells me to go for the Teddy Pardo even though it's more expensive. The pros...he works with top audio manufacturer's and he makes a PS which matches the specs of my DAC.
Uptone Audio JS-2 Choked power supply with adjustable Voltage.  Using it with my 2Qute.
Go for the Teddy unit. It is amazing and well worth the extra. Much better than the el cheapo PSUs you can get from ebay. 

I certainly love mine.  The above mentioned Uptone Audio JS-2 is another great PSU, with the added bonus of variable output voltages option, but is much more expensive than the Teddy unit, and probably more than you want to spend.
Thanks everybody.
@photonman, I see you did some research on power supplies as well, but the Uptone is beyond my budget.
I've seen many good units from the UK; MCRU, Paul Hynes, Sbooster, but so far I like the Teddy. He goes into detail about his filtering technology, but doesn't mention the transformer.
@elberoth2, @celtic66 ... do you know if the Teddy uses a toroidal transformer? Ever experience any hum?