Linear Power Supply for a DAC

I’m looking for a recommendation for a Linear Power Supply for a Chord DAC. There are some units available in the UK, but I’d rather find one here in the USA.
The DAC is the Chord QuteHD DSD Dac and I’m currently using the stock wall-wart.

Power supply specs are: 12v, 1A, 2.1mm connector. The DAC has a grounding post if needed.

I found this Teddy Pardo model, and the specs say power output “up to 2A.” Would this be a good match for my DAC?

Looking for quality, but wouldn’t mind finding something less expensive than the Pardo.
For my Empirical Audio Off-Ramp, I’m using an Astron SL-11A. Made in Irvine, CA. Works great! Far superior to a wall-wart. Some units come with an IEC inlet instead of a captured PC. You can dial in 12dvc precisely by taking off the cover and turning a screw (multi-meter required). Only downside is that you need to make your own pin connector/cable (Radio Shack parts) - very easy to do. Astron was the premier manufacturer of power supplies for CB radios. Easily found on Ebay.

Here’s a smaller unit that does the same thing.
I run a Teddy Pardo for my Naim UnitiServe and it is ridiculous.  So good that the shop I purchased it from got one for themselves.  I would contact Pardo for a consult for your particular unit.
I run a Teddy Pardo for my Naim UnitiServe and it is ridiculous.  So good that the shop I purchased it from got one for themselves.  I would contact Pardo for a consult for your particular unit.
Paul Hynes makes stellar supplies that work VERY well with Chord DAC's.
Thanks for the replies.
steakster, not really interested in a DIY project.

I've been reading the UK audio forums where there is a lot of talk about Chord DACs, and the Teddy Pardo and Paul Hynes are highly rated. Many people are using TeraDak (Chinese) and they get good reviews.
But something I've noticed and don't understand is that DAC owners are using power supplies with specs that do not exactly match the Chord. i.e., they'll use a 12V 0.5A PS on a DAC which requires 2 amps.

There is one PS being sold in the UK specifically for Chord and it is less expensive than the Teddy and highly rated.

My gut tells me to go for the Teddy Pardo even though it's more expensive. The pros...he works with top audio manufacturer's and he makes a PS which matches the specs of my DAC.
Uptone Audio JS-2 Choked power supply with adjustable Voltage.  Using it with my 2Qute.
Go for the Teddy unit. It is amazing and well worth the extra. Much better than the el cheapo PSUs you can get from ebay. 

I certainly love mine.  The above mentioned Uptone Audio JS-2 is another great PSU, with the added bonus of variable output voltages option, but is much more expensive than the Teddy unit, and probably more than you want to spend.
Thanks everybody.
@photonman, I see you did some research on power supplies as well, but the Uptone is beyond my budget.
I've seen many good units from the UK; MCRU, Paul Hynes, Sbooster, but so far I like the Teddy. He goes into detail about his filtering technology, but doesn't mention the transformer.
@elberoth2, @celtic66 ... do you know if the Teddy uses a toroidal transformer? Ever experience any hum?
I am also interested in a response! :)
I contacted Teddy and he does use a toroidal transformer. Another recommended LPS is from Swagman Labs (Hong Kong), found on Ebay or on their website.
What is most important about power supplies is to have good voltage regulation and strong ripple rejection.
I've since sold the Chord.
Paul is not reliable
I lost my money 4500USD
after 8 month he not delivered my order and not refund my money
Amir are you going to cry and whine on this forum too?
Got so bad on CA the thread was closed.
Well Jaybe if it’s true Amir did not get refund from Paul Haynes $4500 , I will cry on every thread as well..that’s a lot money to loose...
So buyers will be warned ahead of time where to purchase with reliable sellers.So this will not happen again...

I have bought several PSUs from Paul. Never an issue. One just has to wait. It is what it is and all know that in advance.

No one has ever lost money with him, as he is honest, but by necessity, just slow.

You want the best, so just wait.

Alternatively, get a HD Plex!

His SR1 power supplies are around $250-$300 USD. Where did the $4500 price come from? Besides, paying $4500 just for an external power supply sounds completely crazy.
Amir just mentioned , He lost money $4500..Wisnon I just hope that Amir will not loose his money...
Maybe he bought 15 power supplies?
I'm not sure how we can say no one has ever lost money with a guy, right after someone has said that they've lost money with a guy. 

I am grateful to anyone that lets us know that they've not had the best dealings with an individual, especially if it's ended in them losing money. 

I'm looking for a PSU for a preamp, and I'm very interested in people's experiences. 
Paul Hynes is supposedly the best, but be prepared to wait a year.

LPS for digital has different requirements than for analog preamp etc..

The digital LPS should be very fast reacting to provide the current transients for digital.  I recommend the Sbooster supplies.

Analog supply should be quiet, can be slower responding but input noise rejection is important.  Paul Hynes supplies do the best job of this.

Paul has had some factory issues over time, but he has his own shop again.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

With that kind a wait, why send your money, Schiit Audio did not charge my PayPal till they gave me shipping info, now that’s good.Maybe Seller should not charge until they ship...I salute schiit for that..
Paul is a one man show
it is VERY common knowlege that his product takes awile
poster running him down, do you still have your place in line, what exactly did you contract for ? 
if your gear is in work, why not just sell your supply to somebody else or dispute the charges...
i have a Pardo, fine bit of gear, on 24/7 going on 5 years with zero issues..
go Pardo
Almost every vendor I've dealt with will charge my credit card when the item is ready to ship. Not fair to do it any other way.
Power supply specs are: 12v, 1A, 2.1mm connector. The DAC has a grounding post if needed.

Great linear supply using "R" Core Transformer Panasonic caps ect, and not too expensive.

Cheers George
what about Channel Islands? 
... maybe Modwright? 
I see that TeraDak is popular worldwide. It's mentioned on forums in the US, UK, and EU.
For digital use it's important to see specs listed for fast voltage regulation as Steve N. stated. Some TeraDak models on Ebay include this.
I use several TeraDak LPS units and they are wonderful.  I would make or buy an upgraded DC power cord and not use the one that comes with the unit. I use Canare Quad bulk cable and  Oyaide DC connectors. 
Regarding TeraDak, does anybody know if the unit with multiple voltages; 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V can be set by the user?

Is there an advantage to owning a single voltage TeraDak LPS, maybe a better design?

@grannyring, maybe you can answer?

The Paul Hynes SR4 is a production model; see his recent email comments to me:
" The new SR4 is intended as a stock item with 10 units per month introduced to stock. As long as the SR4 is in stock it should normally be shipped out within 3 working days from order placement. If the SR4 is out of stock during the month of your enquiry, I can place your name on the waiting list for the next available SR4 unit and notify you when it is available. The next production batch of SR4 with available units is scheduled for manufacture during the last week in February with shipment occurring during the following week."

 If you are looking for one of his other models, such as SR5 or SR7, then expect a wait. I emailed him at: and got a very prompt and detailed response.

I have been looking for a good 15V / 2A linear power supply for my tube DAC (4 - EC86's) and feel like it would be hard to go wrong with a Paul Hynes unit. I am currently fascinated by another British manufacturer, Custom Hifi Cables Ltd, their dc2 or dc3 models
( ). Mojo Audio has factory reconditioned Joule v5.0 models at good prices & warranty but I have yet to hear from anyone who has had one ( , there is also one on Audiogon for less). I will go back and find some other brands that are intended for audio but quite reasonably priced.

Linear Power Supplies - Some Other brands:
KECES Audio:
Accubasston Steady :
These are available on several sites,

To Audioengr - Steve Nugent, regarding your comment:

"The digital LPS should be very fast reacting to provide the current transients for digital. I recommend the Sbooster supplies.

Analog supply should be quiet, can be slower responding but input noise rejection is important. Paul Hynes supplies do the best job of this."

What power supply specification or other property could one use to tell if one supply is faster than another. I am also looking for a very good linear power supply for my Acoustic Plan Digimaster DAC which uses 4 - EC86 tubes and has a 15V ? 2A DC input.

Do power supplies have different "sound signatures" (if that's the right term). Acoustic Plan makes an optional linear power supply, the Powermaster, that will run two of their components but it costs $2000.   

@grannyring ,
Since you use several TeraDaks, is there an advantage to owning a single voltage TeraDak LPS rather than the multiple voltage units? i.e., 5V, 9V, 12V selectable.
Currently I need to power a 5V digital source.

Where does the Oppomod SE unit fit in this conversation?