Linear arm recommendations

I seek recommendations for the best value used linear tone arm under $1,000. I want to mate it to a direct drive deck on a custom plinth. I have a Technics SP 15 that may need repair. If this deck is able to be fully functional, I would use it. I would laminate maple plywood to build the deck.

I am unsure how the arm control is interlocked to the deck...i.e., how to activate & cue the arm after turning the deck on. I suppose each arm is different.

I am open to all suggestions. Thanks in advance.
Bang for the buck I can't think a better choice than the Emminent Technology 2.0 or 2.5. Stay away from the Rabco arms. In my experience they are a nightmare to maintain so they run consistently.
I would only go air bearing. Another vote for ET. 
Trans-Fi Audio air bearing arm is analog audio´s best bargain. So is the arm/deck combo as well. Been using the arm since the early days and won´t give away. Works nicely with all kinds of cartridges. Period.
Another vote for the Trans-fi Terminator! 
Vote #3 for the Trans Fi. Disclaimer, if you like, I do own one.