Line Stage Preamps that blew you away $2500 Edition

Passive, tubes, solid state, jewel encrusted moon rocks, whatever. 

tell us what line stages blew you Away in the $2500 ish price catagory.


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been looking at used Herron, Hornshoppe, Supratek, Backert. I run subs so 2 sets of outs are a necessity unless there’s another way around that.

There is. You can use an Y or YF rca adapter splitter at each left and right rca outputs if your subs have no speaker wire connectors. Your main speakers suffer no degradation in sound because of their direct speaker wire connection to your amplifier.

There is some loss in gain in your subwoofer if it has only rca connectors but since most subs are set at 2 or 3 gain anyway turning it up is not a problem at all.

In fact, The Truth has an uncanny ability to reproduce the bass to where you actually hear the sound of the instrument playing the bass itself instead of the sound of sub cabinet itself and the subwoofer, playing the bass.

It’s hard to explain until you here it. It’s an after effect of the sublime, spooky quietness of The Truth preamp. Owners of The Truth preamp know what I’m talking about.

At a little over $1000 because of inflation it’s a steal. And I actually like the black Retro/Deco look with the nondescript black simple Bakelite looking knobs. It matches my Clayton M-200 custom stereo amplifier perfectly.

No need to buy used. For a little over $1000 buy new and have Ed Schilling custom spec it for you.


I completely understand what you are talking about, but just to be clear The Truth is not a passive preamp, it is an active preamp with no gain. About 6 months ago I sold my (2) Power Sound Audio V1801’s subwoofers and ain’t nobody more of a bass head than me.

I just decided to go a different route and power my system with a stand alone set of main speakers and an amplifier with out the need of subs powered by inboard amplifiers that don’t match the main amplifier in clarity and quality of sound. Kinda like going back to the old school approach but with new school highly efficient speakers, amp and front end(s).

And to be perfectly honest with you, I loved the sound of my PSA subs, I just got tired of moving around two small refrigerators every time I wanted to fine tune my room and system!😊

You are right though, The Truth and outboard subwoofers may not be best matched. Finding a good preamp to match a particular system is not easy. I appreciate your thread and look forward to your choice(s).


Thanks for bringing the Coda Technologies FET 07x preamp here to our attention. I haven’t as yet seen the prices for it on the used market, but if anyone wants to check it out here’s a review from TeaJay



A couple days ago I picked up some cables to run the subs off the mains and its much more involving. So, in reality I don't need the 2nd outputs anymore. haha.

I had sold a previous receiver with sub/low outs and it was time to upgrade my mains. Also, if you would've never written this OP, I would have not heard of the Coda Technologies FET 07x preamp. Thank you. What a hobby huh!

I have a phono preamp and have never had the problem of burning out tubes prematurely? Have you done the 'taken everything apart and put everting back together boogie?' And yes reinserted the tubes too? I ground everything, phono, phono pre, amp, anything with a ground on it.


It does have a remote control and for the life of me I can't figure out how such a simple designed box works with light diodes to get such a sweet sound? Heck if I know?

Hey gochurchgo, for future reference, what cable are you using to connect your subs to you amp? As I still have one 15" PSA sub?

What did the Quicksilver manufacture have to say when you told them the problem you having with fast burning tubes? You would think NOS would be more robust?


Wow! I didn’t know you could do that! But it makes sense. It’s just a typical +/- connection. If the mains are 8 ohm and the subs are 8 ohm and the amp is 8 ohm it reads a 4 ohm load because they are wired in parallel? And the 4 ohm load gives a little boast. Bloody brilliant.


Put the Quicksilver up for sale. And get a different preamp. No problem if used.


@gochurchgo  Yeah, I think Rhythmic does the same. Reach out to each/that manufacture and see if you can/might get a loaner. You may/probably will have to pay a small deposit that you should get back.

After you introduce your self, tell him or her about your rig and after they see how much money you've spent on your gear and your seriousness you just may get that item on loan. You never know. 'Nothing betas a failure but a try'.  

You've already sold yourself. There're the sales people let them figure it out. It's Xmas man and Omicron is kicking ass. They need the sales. You seem like the type of guy that's got the moxie to give it a try!

Now if it's an international model, they still may have US dealers anxious to deal with you. Good luck my brother, and let us know how it goes!



Funny you should mention 6922’s. My phono preamp uses (2) also. In 02/2018

I ordered (2) NOS Telefunken E88CC/6922 - Platinum Grade - Cryoed for $217 each from Kevin Deal of UpScale Audio.

He ha a video of the Tele’s saying they would last from about 5,000 to10,000 hours:

I haven’t had any problems with them at all. When it comes to tubes, I’ve learned I will only by from UpScale Audio or Brent Jessee. It’s a shame now cause the price of those tubes are almost unobtainable now.

Brent Jessee even has a return policy on his tubes, which is almost unheard of. Buy tubes only from someone you trust, has a return or at least a replacement policy, period. As UpScale Audio has.

Here’s an interesting read for you good folks on the Don Sachs/Supratec fences. But you need to read the whole thing to see what the OP ended up buying and why.

Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?


And here’s a pre amp for those on a budget or you want to get something to hold you over until you get that one. It also comes with a plethora of dac inputs that some preamps lack and costs as little as a good pair of interconnects.

Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre Stereo preamplifier with built-in DAC


This is drop dead gorgeous, an a active zero (unity) gain preamp to boot. I think I’m going to cry...Let us know how loud or the level of loudness you can get with this unit, and the quality of sound. Enquiring minds want to know...And all that for $2000...You got any hair left? Thanks