Line Processors

What line processor should I buy and for what reasons? Power Plant 300, Cinnepro (unit that retails for approximately $1,400 or Equi=Tech (retail approx $1,300) Sorry I don't know model numbers.
If you are running monoblocks I suggest you have a dedicated circuit for your amplifiers. In fact place all your amplifiers, monoblocks or integrated, on a dedicated circuit. Also, isolate your digital equipement on their own circuit. Research all you can about Balanced Power before purchasing. Power Plants are really internal amplifiers that regenerate wall A/C and output a near perfect sinewave to your system. Not efficient in terms of use as it consumes double the power (double the electrical cost)in reproducing that near perfect sinewave. Check out for another power option. Good Luck and remember to do your homework and use your mind and senses before investing. Mac
Thank you for the advice. As much as I know now, the three units I've mentioned are all balanced power. Only the Power Plant produces the perfect sinewave. Would the sinewave make that much of a difference in sound quality? Currently, I own the Equi=Tech which does much to reduce the noise floor. However, I've heard so much about the Power Plant that it almost seems to be a breakthrough technology. I know it runs hot and runs up the electrical bill, but people have told me its like having a complete upgrade. I have no filters on the Equi=Tech as I've been told filters take some of the sparkle from the music. Does a line processor without filters censor the RF frequencies from the circuit? Do high end components feed steady DC power into the unit anyway? So many questions, and I know there will be even more line processors selling new ideas in the near future. Since I live in a Apt. a dedicated line is out of the question.