Line Preamp Pass XP 20 or VTL 6.5 Signature

Dear Friends,
I like to know from your experience which Line Preamp will be better from Pass XP 20 and VTL 6.5 Signature,to combine with Ampli Pass X 250.5,Cd Player Wadia 581i Se,Tannoy Dc 10T.

Many thanks for any comments and suggestions


Well, I don't have any experience with the Pass XP 20, but I did go from another solid state preamp, (the Ayre K-1XE), before going to the (hybrid) VTL TL-6.5 Signature.
It is a significant sonic upgrade, albeit not a huge one. (Given the esteem that the Ayre is held in, I was pleasantly surprised that the upgrade was so significant). Having those two 12AU7 tubes in the TL-6.5 really does help the soundstaging, and the background still is as quiet as the Ayre.
The VTL is feature packed in comparison to the Ayre.
I use this with my ASR Basis Exclusive phono preamp, and my (hybrid) Lamm M2.1 monoblock amps, and I love the synergy between them.
I will probably keep the TL-6.5 for many years, much as I did my Ayre.

The only concern you might have is the size of the unit. It is very deep, as it barely fits in my stereo rack.
I hope this helps.
Good luck in your search.
Finally I decide to choose Pass XP 20,because have more details,Sound Stage and very solid Bass.VTL is very nice on Voices and single Instruments,but sound has less contrast and loose some details.

Maybe sinergy from Pass x 250.5 and XP 20 is more suitable.
Maybe you're reacting to solid state versus tubes. Tubes typically emphasize the midrange over a more linear presentation.