Line Mangnetic CD player 515. Tube rolling .

"Line Mangnetic".   Hahaha. Sorry I can't edit the heading.

Hi team... I’ve bought a cd515 and it’s fantastic. It uses 6KZ8 tubes in the output stage. I have some Nos RCA knocking around and I wondered if anyone has made any improvements to their player by tube rolling. It sounds very good with the stock tubes and I’m happy to the point where I may just leave it alone. Unless of course someone has different ideas.... Thoughts please.

Thanks very much.....

Hey borg....I'm thinking of getting a LM 515.  Did you ever do any tube rolling and if so, what do you think? 


Hi there, I've been so happy with it that I decided to leave it alone. I have done extensive tube rolling with my 518Ia and that's made incremental benefits. I've never been happier with my stereo end to end. Both the CD player And my TT are sounding the best I've ever heard them.  

Congratulations on your 515 CD player. I hope you will consider changing the main power fuse to a Synergistic Research Black fuse. This change will really allow your player to reach it's full potential. They are sold with a 30 day trial - money back guarantee. Easy to order via the internet at High- End Electronics, Appley Valley, Calif. or from The Cable Company, New Hope, Penn.

I think you will hear a bigger improvement than from tube rolling!

David Pritchard
Hi David and borg7x9:  I too just got a LM 515 CD player (and I also have the LM 518i amp).  This CD player is excellent and sounds so great paired with the 518. It doesn't seem to get much "press" but I can tell you it blows my Marantz away.  Very rich and full overall and much more bass extension. My VPI Prime is starting to collect a little dust since I hooked it up (I plead temporary insanity). I agree the stock tubes sound very nice and I don't have a major urge to change them out. 

But David...why would just changing out a fuse be such an improvement?