Line Magnetic LM219ia

I am a couple of days away from spending my money on a LM219ia. But when talking to a former seller, he told me that these amplifiers have a 10% to 20% rate of technical issues. Usually some kind of component failure.
Are there any owners out there that had any problems with this amp?
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Know you are asking about the 219, but I have the LM 518ia , built very well, no issues whatsoever 
Also, you might want to browse through this A'gon FORUM thread -  ine Magnetic 219ia vs. 518ia - and contact directly via A'gon messaging the members that have the 219ia to possibly get a quicker response
If you have concerns, buy from authorized dealer not from ebay, alibaba or some hookey oveseas vendor offering a great deal! LM are excellent products otherwise and built like a tank.
Just out of curiosity, what makes it very well built?  Looks kind of cramped in the unit, hard to remove any heat that way.  Small circuit boards and wires are strapped together.  Could be very well built or not so well built.
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