Line Magnetic LM Audio

Tone Imports is now distributing this brand as a lower priced alternative to Shindo and Leben. I would be curious to hear of direct in-home or audition experience with this line of electronics.
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The LM line seems to be very single ended oriented; it is all Chinese built (not that I hold that against it) and certainly looks impressive , very bulky and impressive (and I mean looks, have not listened). Mostly integrated amps? Seems to be aimed at a high end tube first time buyers? Again, not necessarily a bad thing...
I have a LM Audio 211IA EL 34 amp. I think it is a great amp. For context, I also have an ARC Ref5se, and Ref150. I have owned a Shindo Masseto, and Montille. I love my LM Audio amp. It is a very engaging, detailed, and musical. It is very well made, has slow start up, is very easy to bias, and looks fine. I am running new Genalex KT77's in mine. It is push pull, triode/ultralinear switchable on the fly, for 32/15 watts. It drives my Devore Nines VERY well, with excellent, deep, textured bass, a great soundstage, and wonderful musicality. The dynamics are explosive. Can you tell I like it?
For an amp at this price, if someone really likes it, it tends to get tarred with the old "for the money" qualifier. I really like this amp, and NOT just "for the money". But, for the record, it was only $1650 from Don Better Audio. He upgraded the input tubes to JJ for $50, and I bought a quad of the KT77's for $200.
If you go to the LM Audio website, you can see their priorities by the products they make. This amp gets my personal "overshooting it's price" award. And it has a very nice remote for volume and muting...
@dbarger That is a strong testimonial. I was interested in their single ended EL84 as an alternative to the Almarro 205. Wound up with a second hand Almarro but would be very interested to hear a comparison of each, well as LM products with other similar products.
Here is another amp I am interested in...I hope we get some more feedback soon. I believe everyone can trust Tone Imports as well as their clients that generally only sell stellar product and are reputed to be top-notch dealers with tons of personal customer service.
Dbarger, the shindo I now have does some amazing tricks, incredible DEPTH of soundstage, imaging, and an uncanny presence and relationship among the notes. I am guessing that the auriges-massetto-montille may have had a similar (but better) signature. I hate to ask, but in a direct comparison does the LM deliver in similar, better, or not quite as good as the shindo with respect to those attributes.

I thought someone on here mentioned Luxman (maybe in the Leben 300/600 thread) but that seems to be underpowered at 12W.
Not sure which Shindo you have, but obviously there is something missing for you to be still looking for an amp. Every amp is different. I sold my Shindo gear about 10 months ago, and hate to compare the two with so much time passed. That said, I think the LM amp does very well in the areas you mentioned, and is also very captivating to listen to.
I have a shindo apetite integrated and it is just a tad underpowered for my devore fidelity silverbacks.
hi to all .
i still want to get an clearly answear what will be sound the best with all kind of music vocall and soft rock like "dire staris" for my devore nines speakers :
1.leben cs300x
2.leben cs600
3.shindo auriges+montille
4. LM Audio 211IA EL 34 amp
5.Almarro 205.

iknow it long list but i still wait for an answear thanks alot
I think you have some listening to do. Have fun!
thanks alot good response i will listening.

i will be glad to someone that compare this products or maybe few of them to response and if not everything ok i just think that this is forum thats people share things they know
Another interesting aspect of the Line Magnetic line is their drivers. Blumenstein is building a speaker with their drivers, looks very promising: