Line Magnetic Audio 219IA – Any Owners?

There are a few positive reviews regarding the Line Magnetic Audio 218IA integrated amp on line, but not much chat about the larger 219IA. I would be interested in hearing some feedback from 219IA owners if possible. Thanks.
I'm eyeing the same amp -- did you ever get more info on this?

Nothing. But I did end up buying the 218ia which I'm very happy with. Both sound and build quality are very impressive.
I have the 211ia. Nothing but positives here too. Really nice unit. I am using SED Winged C EL34's w/ Mullard and Tungsol New production for the 12ax7/12au7. I almost don't want to listen to the 218ia, in fear I will have to have it. It's the 210ia that really seems to fly under the radar. I've only heard the 216, other than my 211.
Got my LM 219ia a week ago. Still breaking in but it looks (or should I say sounds) very promising.

Compared to my other amps - Leben CS600 (push pull) - I thought LM pulled out more detail with better imaging and sound stage... making the music more interesting overall. Now, I can understand why so many people are into SET tube gears. I think LM has succeeded making powerful SET tube amps without losing the 300b magic. Even though I am playing with Harbeth 7es3, which has relatively low sensitivity, LM still played music with enough dynamic and authority.

The only but big problem I am having after switching to LM was my TT sound. First of all, with LM, 60db of gain through Sutherland Ph.D phono was't enough for my low output dynavector karat 17d3. But, this is somewhat expected because LM has less wattage than Leben. Maybe because of this, my analog sound became bit dull with LM. I didn't have this problem with Leben. I am thinking of getting SUT and hopefully it will fix both issues. Positively thinking, LM already sounds SO good with digital. It will sound even better when I fix the gain issue... Hopefully.

Ah, the other problem is that, even though I love my harbeth, I will eventually need speakers with higher sensitivity to hear the full potential of LM. Thought that I was done when I found leben and harbeth match but it was not. Hopefully, I can keep them as a second system.

Interesting. I had the opposite effect. I had a Leben CS600 here and my TT was dull, flat and boring (VPI Classic 1) . Auditioned a LM 518i a and it was amp I have heard in my system ever and put the Leben to shame (in my system) I ordered one. Then found out they are sold ordered the 219i a which should be here within 10 days or so.

When it comes and I have it set up I will update this.