Line Magnetic 755 vs AN/KSPe vs DeVore O/96

Thoughts please on speaker selection?
Small apartment room.
Shindo (25W) and Auditorium 23 all-around.
The DeVore O96 might overpower your room. The O/93 might be a better fit.
As far as the K's, they are really not that efficient. I would be careful there. It would seem like the AN/J's would be closer in line with the other speakers, both in price, performance, and efficiency. Which Shindo amp?
LM 755 a loudspeaker one could keep for life.
I loved the AN K's at the Newport show, driven by AN OTO SE Signature integrated, 10 wpc.
I own the LM755s for over 2 years and run with Shindo Corteses/Masseto.
For a smaller room, I don't think you could do much better.