Line magnetic 508 with Tekton Double Impacts. Match Up

I   Ordered a Line Magnetic 508 and have been thinking hard  about getting the Devore 096s but have been hearing a lot of talk about the DI  they cost a quarter of the Devore speakers.I have seen one post saying they are a good match.I was wondering if anyone else has had the opportunity to listen to the match.I wish I could hear the DI in person.I am sorry if this has been covered before.

Hello, Contact member waltersilas via audiogon email.  He has this combination and said that it is superb, I believe him.  He's an experienced listener with very good ears and exceptionally good taste. 
 Thx!! new on here  how do you email on here
Correction, waltersalas not waltersilas.
1 on the home page click explore
2 then click member look up 
3 enter the username (waltersalas) and click
4when name appears click search,  send a message will appear. 

Yep, I'm your man, bobster50. And thanks for the nice words, Charles. I don't know if I have "golden ears," but I have had a lot of equipment in and out over the years and tried lots of different speakers, amps, sources, and cables in my room, and I can tell you that the Line Magnetic 508 driving the Tekton Double Impact speakers is a truly impressive combination. Yes, I do think it is superb, as Charles stated above.

I have not heard the Devore speakers, though I think Goldpoint Audio (my dealer for the LM 508) also sells Devore speakers and could most likely give you some useful insights into that particular combination. My reference speakers for several years have been the Daedalus Ulysses--and they are every bit as good as their reputation suggests. You can read my comments on the comparison with the Double Impacts in that very long and informative thread, for whatever that is worth. In short, the DI speakers hold their own and then some.

A couple of points to consider. First, the LM 508 is very good with the stock tubes, but is going to be significantly better and, in my opinion, enter the rarefied air of the best amps I have ever heard, if you replace the stock tubes, especially the 6SN7 and 300B tubes. I am using some vintage Sylvania 6SN7s and EML XLS 300B, and this combination took the 508 to a completely different level. I would say that it went from great to sublime. :)

Second, the Double Impacts will also sound good right out of the box, but may sound a little loose in the bass and perhaps not completely coherent, though I think you will find them to be incredibly impressive in some areas right away. However, after 50-200 hours of break-in, they are going to get better. A lot better. The bass has tightened up and gained focus, and the soundstage is holographic, with excellent imaging. You also get excellent tone, texture, and decay, especially if you have those NOS tubes in your 508 and an excellent source. Of course, that's a big 'if,' since I consider the source just as important as the amp and speakers. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. But if you have a good source, I can't imagine you wouldn't really enjoy this combination of amp and speakers. I am more and more impressed every day.

I hope that is helpful.

Thanks so much for sharing experience with the combo
Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the combo
My 508 is driving my Acoustic Zen Crescendos beautifully and all of my tubes are upgraded; Psvane 805, Tungsol 6SU7, 5-6 pairs of vintage 6SN7s, Princess Mesh Plates 300B and Synergistic Research Black fuse which fantastic by it self...

wig - I'm glad you're enjoying that combo.  I have the Crescendo MKII and the Line Magnetic is on my radar.
Hello Guys,
Has anyone tried the LM-508 with a SS preamp?

If so, wich SS preamp? did it make a noticeable difference or not? 

Thank you!!
@plga I use Allnic L3000 Mk2 with my LM 508. I know that doesn't answer your question as it's an all tube pre. However, Allnic is very neutral and balanced. It takes the LM to a new height (albeit transparency is reduced) allowing all the SET magic to shine and adds weights/authority/fullness to the bass.

I think if you are looking for a SS pre, make sure it's utterly transparent and neutral such that it doesn't mask the SET beauty of LM 508.