Line level Cable selector for subwoofer

I have an M&K subwoofer that needs to do double duty in the HT setup and the 2 channel system. I need to run 2 pairs of RCA inputs to a selector since my sub only has one input. Who makes a decent selector that doesn't give up sound quality?
I use a Kramer (made in Israel) switcher on my main analog rig. I've hooked up all three components (phono stage, tuner, cd) separately and directly into my amp with no discernible difference in sound.
Here's a good quality, simple solution.

Niles PS-1
I use the Niles AXP-1 for my sub that does double duty for 2 Channel and HT. It may not look like much but when you see it and feel it in person it is really solidly built.

I realize this unit has 5 inputs and the OP only needs 2 but when I was looking for a source selector the AXP-1 was at a really good price and I didn't bother to look for anything else.
I'm going to try a SW4 Stereo Input Switching Control from Goldpoint. A bit pricey but seems well built