Line conditioners: Tice or Chang?

Prices for a used Tice Elite 3/4 or Chang Lightspeed 6600/9600 are fairly similar. Both use a transformer-less design which I like for the sake of simplicity and lower overall noise (no hum). The finalist will be bought used, so auditioning isn't an option which makes your input all the more valuable. I'll gladly describe my system if anyone likes, but have done so often enough that it seems somehow redundant.
Go with the Chang Lighspeed 9600,better yet they make a 1000.I own the 1000,but NEVER have seen one used.
Last year 3 of us compared a demo 9600 with a Vans Evers model 83 Reference that were in my system for 3 weeks.The Chang was very good and the 83 Reference had subtle but noticeable improvement in all areas,just got it more right.My system ,my electricity and six critical ears.The next step I took was a PS Audio PP-300.
I always choose PS Audio P300 or P600.