Line conditioners and ML ReQuests

Will installing LC's at each speaker with a good power cord help the sound floor with the ML's. Vanserver has two small, I think model 11's, that would fit nicely behind each speaker. Or just put two longer Pwr cords to a single LC for the entire system. Will the ML's benenfit from either solution. Appreciate any good advice. Thanks
Curly, if you do this please let me know how it turns out. I thought about getting better power cords for the transformers on my CLS's, but the guys at ML didn't think it would make a difference so I never followed up with this idea. Gut feeling tells me to steer clear of any real filtering, though.
I was going to present this question to Mike Vanservers (LC/PC guru)if conditioning power going into the transformers has any appreciatable value on the internal sound floor of the ML's. I might be spending money where it is not needed. Another brothern here mentioned using a Monster HTS1000 at each speaker with TeknaSonic c-12's with great success. The jury is still out though. Question? Aren't ML's known for generating a lot of RFI/EMI/? back into the power source. Thanks and take care.
Take a look at Wattmates by LLANO Design
You might want to contact Martin Logan on this as well as Mike VanEvers. I find them (ML) to be very helpful. If you are trying to get rid of the slight edge you described with these tweaks, I don't think you'll be successful. What you are hearing is your solid state amp driving the panels. If these are independent tweaks, another story. I've actually used the TeknaSonic C-10's and C12's on a poorly dampened ribbon hybrid speaker enclosure and they made a slight difference (2 on each enclosure). I'm not sure how they would work on the Request enclosure. Sorry, but I don't think this will work very well with your speaker. ML hybrids have a challenge in intergating the woofer and the panel, but I don't think there are any inherent problems with the enclosure. Audition a good tube amp first, and go from there. I'd be very, very careful about adding PC's that filter to your speakers. Don't know about more RFI/EMI, never had any problems. Good luck.
I talked with Gayle @ Martin Logan last year about this same issue. He stated that upgraded power cords and/or line conditioning would not have an effect on the speakers sound. Knowing how much better my components sounded with these upgrades, I found it hard to believe that his statement was true. I tried plugging the originally supplied cords into my VansEvers conditioner. I noticed virtually no difference. I then tried Synergistic Research Master Couplers plugged directly into the wall. Also virtually no difference. Lastly, I tried the Master Couplers into the line conditioner. Still heard little to no change. Gayle was right! The only times that I've heard improvements in my Quests Zs is when I bi-wired them and after they are vacuumed.