I need your help!
HOW DOES THE AUDIOPRISM FOUNDATION III AND CHANG LIGHTSPEED (models 6600 and 9600) CONDITIONERS COMPARE SONICALLY (which sounds better and/or does a Better job for the $ )???
I can't help you with the comparison, but can tell you that I run Chang Lightspeed's 9900 amp and 9600 ISO in my HT and LOVE THEM, noise floor dropped to nothing (especially important as I live in a condo, so power sucks!) and the sound truly did tigghten up!

I can't give you positive or negative on audioprism, but can say you won't be disappointed with the Chang stuf...

Hopefully this helps.
I f your thinking of spending that kind of money, check out Equi-tech. I know you wont be disappointed. They manufacture professional grade conditioners as well as home audio lines.
I second the Equi-Tech units. Pretty good kept secret in the High End. IMHO