Line Conditioners

I am in the market for a new line conditioner. I have it narrowed down to:

PS Audio Power Director
API Ultra 115
Tice 3C
Vansevers Ref Model

I like what I read about balanced power, but I also like my feature of switched outlets, which no balanced L/C has. I can live without the remote turn on of my system for better sound, but does balanced power KILL products in performance like Tice, PSAudio or Vansevers?

As much as I value opinion, I am interested in fact. Please give some facts based on your experiences with the name brands listed above or other similar products.

The Power Director is intriguing due to its features, but I am putting the finishing touches on my system, and don't want to buy inferior sounding stuff.

My system consists of:
Anthem Amp2
Lexicon Pre
Marantz DVD
Anthem CD
Transparent ICs
Paradigm Ref speakers
Analisys Plus Speaker wire

2-channel is most important to me.

Thanks for your help!!!
As far as I know, the De Zorel line conditioners are the only ones that publish any specs. They will begin to be imported in USA within the next few weeks.

I might be sent a copy of their top of the line model for auditioning in my EMI-RFI infested apartment building. They are specifically designed for two channel audio.

(Just in case--I am NOT the importer nor a dealer nor a shareholder or anything like that).
I had a cinepro 20 and recently sold it. Need some cash for a DAC I wanted to buy. It made a huge difference in my sound quality. I was running BAT preamp, phono, various cd players, sat dish, marantz dvd etc. Even made my LCD project look much better. All the ones you list have good reputations...the cinepro worked great for me.
Here's a vote for the Tice- but only the IIIc, because its the transformerless one. Quieter noise floor, vocals snapped into better focus; etc.- however everything went to the next level when I put an Ensemble Isolink power transformer on the HT processor- even more of the same benefits...

I have also used balanced power in the past- an Audio Power Ultra PLC- and can also vouch for benefits as well, however I think you really need to TRY each approach in YOUR system to see what works best.
I have a Tice Signature PB 3C HP. My system sounds just fine. I like the 3C HP's build quality; it's very solidly constructed. I also like its two separate power feeds, so I can plug it into two different wall sockets. It has all the output sockets I need and can support my 500 wpc monoblocks plus all my source components without maxing out on current. I haven't had a lightning strike or catastrophic power spike, so I can't vouch for its protection effectiveness. I haven't been able to discern any benefit from the Tice Power Technology ("TPT") treatment. I haven't listened to any of the other power conditioners you listed. Best Regards.
Contact Knut Ryerson at Conrad Johnson. He is always helpful no matter how old your CJ equipment is. His address is
Ha ha ha on me !!! I must have posted on the wrong window !!! No CJ here !!!

But since I am here, I have a Vansevers Reference 85. I am very pleased with it. Since you have both a CD and DVD, I should mention that the Reference 85 has 4 (two pairs) of digital AC plugs. The two pairs are totally separated and filtered separately, so they will not polute each other. I use it with to keep a Cd player used as a transport separated from a DAC. It can also be used to keep the TV separate from the DVD player in a HT system. There is also a pair (2) of analog plugs and a pair (2) for amplifiers. Vansevers uses parallel filtering so the conditioner will not limit current like many conditioners do.


Thanks for your response...I was trying to buy your Cinepro before I moved to IL. I saw you sold it, however I have found another. Gimmie some drawbacks of it. It's gotta have some.

thanks all!!
Another vote for the VanEvers Reference 85. Bought one a month ago for my 2ch system. Gives better dynamics and quieter background than my old SuperCompanion w/Silver Audio Powerburst powercord. You can buy at a discount at Midi Classics. Get their website from VanEvers dealer list.
You really owe it to yourself to check out the Platinum Power PP-1 (see and call Gary at Esoteric Audio in Scottsdale 480-946-8128 to see if he can get you one on approval). I've had mine for over two years and have everything, plugged into it, including my Rowland Model Twelve monoblocks and the two 400 watt sub amps in my Vandersteen Fives. It replaced a Tice IIIc and runs circles around the Tice. Don't be put off by the fact that the PP-1 is transformer based. It is engineered properly and dramatically improves the performance of my system and I have never been able to detect any negative side effects, as I did with the Tice and the PS Audio P-300 (on source only for the PS Audio).

The PP-1 is not well known. The guy who builds it is an unassuming retired electrical engineer, who spent years designing the unit for his own use. He has very modest financial ambitions, so does little to market it. But it is an absolute jem, and surely the last power conditioner you should ever have to buy. I've been an audiophile for over 30 years, and for most of that time was very turned off by line conditioners. But I whole-heartedly endorse the PP-1. I live in Phoenix where it is built, but I have no financial interest in Frank's company or any dealer who sells it. I just wish more people knew about it, so they could enjoy the same benefits I have derived from it.

thanks for the info, i actually love to buy from guys like that. unfortunately, $2500 is out of my range. i'm close to finializing a deal for a cinepro for $1k (used of course).

thanks isnt final, so please keep the suggestions coming!!! I hate saying this, but I really like the Power Director. Just can't find anyone to give me an honest opinion on its performance:/
Have you ever checked on PS AUDIO Power plants insetad of conditioners?
I in fact tried many conditioners. Virtually everything was surpassed by the "PowerPlant" power regenerator which it is. Audition it before you buy!!! Their money back guarantee makes it easy!
I'm not in the business! Just a very happy customer in Germany.
I "discovered" the Power Plant:D I was their biggest fan when PSAudio introduced them, however, I am not about to spend over $3K on a piece that won't even power my entire system. I like the Power Plant's theorhetical design, but it is not practical.

Thanks for the thought:)
Monster Cable has a line conditioner that people seem to love or hate, and it's only about $200. Any opinions on this product? Having spent mucho money on my system I think I'm not willing to put another grand into something that is a glorified power strip, but I might consider a $200 device. Line conditioners, air purifiers, water purifiers... why don't we just clean up the source?

I am currently using the Monster Power Center Ref 5000, which I upgraded from a lower model (I forget which). I can't really comment on the differences between the two, I didn't really do a side-by-side, however the lower model does get better reviews. The 5000 model definitly has some cool feature that I will miss when the Cinepro arrives, but I know performance will also be better. I recommend the 5000 if you can buy it used, but it is not worth the $600 retail tag. FYI: I will be posting my 5000 for sale today...I'll be asking $350 because I want it to sell fast (I've seen them used for $400). Its mint, and I have all original everything. Look for it on

Look at for great info why "the source" IS indeed the problem and how it got that way.
The monster hts2000 can be found for as little as a $100+shipping new. You don't have to pay $200 for it. Goto and search for "hts2000" or "hts-2000". You should get a bunch of hits in the low 100s for the HTS2000.

FYI, I run a VansEvers model 85.
I'm using 3 Foundation Research in-line power conditioners built in Canada by Ed Wolkow. Two LC-1 models for the pre and the source. And one LC-2 model for the amp. They replace the power cord (hence the term in-line).

I've experienced a vast inprovement in soundstaging (more 3d), sibilants, and much lowered noise floor. When I finally installed the last FR LC unit, it was like an extra synergy took place. Not sure how to explain it, but I had been told that once all components have their own in-line conditioner, that something special occurs. It did.

None of the above. Go with the Richard Gray Power Company.... Many power conditioners actually filter out the unwanted energy, thereby reducing the amount of power that one can draw from a circuit.
What is your rig, Charles? I would like to know more about the Richard Gray. However, their explanation on how it works is totally bogus, according to knowledable people...

This has been discussed in the Asylum if you're interested.
What's the website for the Richard Gray discussion
on Asylum? Can you give me your 20 second
summary of why they're bogus??
I'm very curious to see these discussions.

My last visit about 1.5 months ago to C.E.S.
had a TON of demo rooms using the Richard Gray
Power Company. I have done with/without tests
and it was very easy for me to tell a difference.

As for my rig...I'm in complete changeout right now.
Actually going through some serious withdrawl...
Almost finished selling my Aerial 8b, CC5, SR3 with
Bryston 7b Monoblock home theater Audio for 5 ATC active 100's and their SCM 01/15 Sub which is all on the boat from
England as we speak. As each speaker is internally amped, I'm probably going to pick up a few more of them...
Here's the link Charles: It's titled: "Charlatan of the Year Award: Richard Gray."

I really don't know if it works or how long is its projected lifespan...

From what I understand this Richard Gray doesn't know how his device really works. Here's another link to a power conditioner discussion in an European forum:

I am neither for or against the Richard Gray unit. I would just like to find out the truth...
I have heard the same thing about RGPC. In fact when they first came out they did get a poor review, but later the magazine re-reviewed and changed their tune. In short, the theory of how the unit can store energy is not fully understood by other designers/manufactures (RGPC as well),and IMO is bogeus. However it may very well improve your sound as a line conditioner; I just think their marketing team got too aggresive. Check out PSAudio as well for that type of "technology" and see if the Power Director floats your boat. I have come to the conclusion that Balanced Power is the only way to go (its also a scientific fact) and thats what I have settled on.
Ok, now I've just enrolled back into college to expand my engineering degree into becoming an electrical engineer to get an idea of what in the world are they talking about!!! I think the more I read about this, the more confused I get. We need to find a real sharp electrical engineer to comment... Thanks for the info.
This looks good to me...
I own a Monster 2500 and a Richard Gray S400. I've had the Monster 2500 for a couple of years and still very happy with it. Basically the 2500 is the same as the 2000 built in a nice box with a switch and LED's. The sound impovement was more subtle with a quieter backround overall in my systems presentation. The Richard Gray unit was a night and day improvement. It did it all giving my system a much better bottom end, smoother highs and bigger sound stage. Buy far and away the best tweak of me all time.
Flyfisherman, what's your rig? I am going heavily into the subject of line conditioning these days. I am determined to learn all I can but have not found much feedback on the Richard Gray units.

I live in an apartment building with 200+ units each outfitted with washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, dimmer switch in the living room, plus all the 'de rigeur' TV's, stereos and computers. Also, there's lots of fluorescent lights in the hallways with noisy ballasts! It's a very nasty situation and my Tice A/V Solo has a hard time during heavy use periods. There's also a 50,000 Watt transmitter less than 5 miles away! It's simply too much pollution and voltage fluctuations...

I am also looking at the DeZorel line conditioners from Yugoslavia. They seem to be *really* good. The European guys in TNT-Audio Forums have gone nuts for them. They are finally available in the US.

Someone agreed to send me some Vans Evers Reference 12's (analog and digital) for trial in my apartment. I'd love to have a Richard Gray unit to compare...
Psychic- I ALSO use the Tice Solo A/V, but only plug my TV into it- I then plug the Solo into a Tice Powerblock IIIC Signature (as well as all other gear). I agree- the Solo on its own may be limited, but in the chain with the other one, it's a different story...
My A/V Solo is going to end up front with the video gear (DVD, VCR, Proton 600T Preamp/Video Tuner, 27" Sony WEGA). I definitely plan to plug it into something to take care of primary filtration. Whether it turns out to be a Richard Gray, a balanced power transformer, a voltage regulator, De Zorel, etc. is for me to find out...I'll take my time to figure out what will work best.

It seems the Tice doesn't like to see heavy loads...

I will try the Power Var isolation transformer in conjunction with the Vans Evers Reference 12's. If they work signifiantly better than the Tice I will purchase a second Power Var (one for digital, one for analog). I would then upgrade the built-in filtration units, perhaps with those published by Jon Risch in his website. That would free the Solo for up front video & amplification work and to move my Proton amp close to the speakers. I currently have 28 ft runs of CAT5 and silver plated copper, not exactly a desirable situation, but cheap through The Home Depot. Filtration for the power amp would be the following upgrade.

Just one day at a time...

My 2-channel system consists of:

Cal Audio Alpha/Delta DAC Transport
Jeff Rowland Coherence One
Parasound 2200
Thiel 22's
Rel Stadium III
Richard Gray S400
Straightwire Maestro II Interconnects
Straingtwire Maestro II Speaker Cables

My power is probably a bit cleaner than yours. I live in a somewhat rural area and have dedicated 20 amp circuits for my amp, sub, and sources.