Line conditioner...

Do you think using a line conditioner really helps get better sound?  Thank you for your thoughts.

Or as mahgister calls it embedding. Whatever. Point is not what you call it. Point is understanding every single inch matters.
You are right all along the electrical grid of the house there is source of noise that rest unadressed...

But you are wrong, the right concept is very important, because a bunch of "tweaks" is not a method...

Unknowleadgeable people can call "tweaks" snake oil or placebos.... They cant calls the triple embeddings which are a concept and a method, a snake oil....

My best to you and be glad with your marvellous Moabs.... I am very curious of their sound because of the original design.... Alas! no one own this here.....
nor do I think they choke things off if you have a good power supply in your gear to begin with.

A current-limiting power conditioner can DEFINITELY choke off and even shut down amps.  You need to match the conditioner correctly to the amps.
I have gotten great results with Chang Lightspeed powerline filters.

Lower noise, warmer sound quality, and better sound staging.

Works wonders in my home theater also.

Power factor correction, lightning protection, noise reduction, isolation between sources, and no added artifacts.

Not reviewed much. A hidden gem! Visit the website for complete info.

I used other line conditioners and A/C regenerators, but they all had negatives.

No drawbacks with Chang Lightspeed at all!
Look at High Fidelity Cable conditioners

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