Line conditioner or voltage stabiliser?

Hi All,

I have made up my DIY power cables, but their performance is seriously hampered since I need to use an extension cable from the wall socket. Before I go ahead, please note I CANNOT IMPORT ANY POWER CABLES/CHORDS/EXTENSIONS from overseas as they won't work here.

I was thinking of simply taking some of the DIY PC I have made up, and using that to replace the cable from the wall socket to the outlets at the end of the extension. That means the internal cabling is the same, no filterning/protection. Power products are hard to come by here but there are two I have found and would like to know which would be optimal to use (or if both should be used). The first - an alternative to the extension chord desribed above, is an extension with line conditioning, please go to Power Products Page, go down to Powerline Series--->Office Range. I would use this as my extension cable from the wall. The second is the voltage stabiliser (go down to "EVS 500, EVS 1200 & EVS 1200F Electronic Voltage Stabiliser") in order to maintain a steady voltage. The area I live in though is fairly stable, so would the line conditioning extension be sufficient?

You should take a look at PS-Audio website ( their PowerPlants. In my system the PS 300 feeding the front end was the biggest improvment for the money!
Good luck!
Thanks for the suggestion. I do not want to be rude, but I clearly stated that I CANNOT IMPORT ANY POWER CABLES/CHORDS/EXTENSIONS etc. It is simply both cost prohibitive and will not work here where it is 220V/50Hz.

Anyone else got some advice perhaps? The power cables are ready to go but unfortunately they have to be plugged into a low-quality hardware store extension. Is there any way to make a high quality extension to work with my country's electrical system? Perhaps a DIY filter type extension?

I would suggest you look for a 1:1 transformer, with at least 3x the VA (Watt) rating of the equipment to be plugged into it. Preferably use separate trannies (similar specs) for digital & analogue devices.
BTW, there was a thread about this on AA very recently... (I didn't find it when I looked just now, sorry)