Line Array Speakers info please

In other threads I've complained about my Kharma 3.2 FEs being too limited in my large-volume room - 17 X 23 X 15 feet high A-frame ceiling. Can anyone suggest Line Array Speakers that are no more than 6 ft tall, that can be placed close to the rear and side-walls? Budget $10-$12K.
They will be driven by Atma-Sphere MA-2s (220 WPC). Not interested in bi-amping. I am not familiar with this line of speakers and wonder how they would fare so close to walls (abbout 2-3 ft)?
Try and check out the LS-6 and Ls-9 which easily fall into your budget. I cannot recommend these enough at their price point.
These speakers are interesting:

An "upgraded" effort. Close to your budget. Soon out for sale.

I am waiting for listener's reports. The drive to Illinois (Jam 'n Audio) is tough to get organized. Maybe one of my conferences will be near the speaker's audition site.
I own a pair of Selah Audio line arrays which maker Rick Craig dubbed "Array of Desire". I drive them with Atma MA-1 monoblocks and the arrays' impedance was designed specifically for my OTLs (a very flat nominal 10 Ohms). The arrays are just under 6 feet tall. They sound fabulous with my Atmas.

See a discussion thread on: >> manufacturers >> selah audio

FWIW, The bass is phenomenal - I found I've no need for the matching stereo subs and will be selling them to some lucky person...
I sent you a note Springbok. The speakers Bosrt posted the link to on AC are mine. Any of you guys are more than welcome to come by if you're ever in the Fort Worth area!
Like Jb0194, I have a set of Selah Audio arrays. Mine are the exact set that are pictured here:

My crossover has been designed with North Creek coils and Jensen VSF capacitors, so they're not quite the stock offering.

Rick is exceptionally professional and will not push / sell something he doesn't truly believe in. One of the gentlemen in high-end audio. Communication throughout the consulting / design process was beyond my expectations.

It took me almost 1.5 years to make up my mind regarding what speaker I wanted to purchase. Quite frankly, I challenge anyone to do better than the Selah Alexandrite for anywhere near their price. I tried hard, but couldn't....
I am not sure that a line array is your best solution but Infinity IRS V is worth checking out (second hand of course) and Duntech Sovereigns (not a line array but possibly a better match for the amp). Whatever you do you will have significant bass mode issues, as your room is nearly a cube...

Good Luck!

Email me if you'd like to know more about my arrays.