Line array speakers

I have a moderately wide (16 feet) and long (45 feet) room but with only moderate ceilings (8 feet). Is this a good candidate for line array speakers?

Any suggestions of makes/models?

Re: line array speakers. Couldn't they just use one good tweeter, one good midrange and one good woofer?
Line array speakers seldom provide good listening in any room due to the fact they need custom designed cross overs which should be tailored to the space they are heard in..
I like line arrays . They are the cleanest loudest speakers available, great for big rooms like yours. I like INFINITY, Pipedreams, and the new Scaena speakers reviewed in absolute sound magazine. They are all expensive, but the best always is. Shay
Another fan of line arrays here. Line arrays have limited vertical dispersion (a plus for your room with low ceilings) and maintain double the loudness in dB the further away you are (a plus for big rooms). They tend to be expensive because you're using so many drivers, which pushes up parts cost.

All designs have strengths and weaknesses and need a good speaker designer who can navigate these carefully, but the strengths of line arrays IMO include superb dynamics, detail and clarity, and immersion in the soundfield. Other strengths will depend on the drivers used. My Selah Audio arrays use seas mid-woofs and Fountek ribbon tweeters. The Selahs are reasonably priced for the quality of drivers used.
Absolutely. Line arrays actually make use of the ceiling (and floor) reflections to create an infinitely long source, so the ceiling height isn't a negative. I'd look for something with a dipole radiation pattern that won't excite the room across its short dimension. Keep them 2' from the side walls, then bring them out 15' from the front wall for a mind-blowing sense of depth.
At present, with the high demand of entertainment, as well as events in Vietnam are becoming increasingly professional and larger scale. Not only is listening but also enjoying music. So, the events, the stage today are gradually turning to the trend using the array loudspeakers professional. If you use the hall audio system, that is the best option for you.
Hello! This could be the best candidate for line array speakers. Refer to them here: